David Jacobs' BJJGround Gracie Barra, summer of 93'

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Can anyone identify any of these jaspers?




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these are all easily recognizable except for the guy in shoes getting punched by carlos and the hands up guy




Edit: The Helio page.This is babel so it's kind of nonsensical, still interesting. At least we found out who hands up don't shoot is. One of the usual suspects


The right is Helio Gracie, who was at the top as the strongest fighter at the time. The left is a match by Masahiko Kimura.
In search of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu vale tudo. The name of this martial art that originated in Brazil was introduced in December 1974 during the Brazilian expedition of Nippon Professional. Local martial artist Ivan Gomez pressed the challenge of Antonio Inoki, and the new "J-Pro provided a place for practicing martial arts. On June 6, he participated in the second match of Yuki vs. Williem Ruska (Netherlands), the first ever mixed martial arts match held at Tokyo Budokan in Tokyo. Gomez participated in the series in early 1976, and returned to Brazil undefeated in the opening game, saying "Kodokan Shitenno" Mitsuyo Maeda, who was one of the entrepreneurs, traveled to martial arts training around the world, and founded Baritze in the beginning of this century by mixing local artistic martial arts Capoeira in Brazil, where he moved later. Maeda "It is a direct disciple of". In the year of the unprecedented martial arts boom due to the success of heterogeneous martial arts battles, Shinichi Pro established Wu (World Martial Arts Association) dragon, pro wrestling samurai WF, wither KA, All Japan Pro Karate, Pakistan International Wrestling Committee, in addition to Iranian co-city, make Brazilian Varituz a partner class
Said the press. In August 1976, Nippon Pro made the second Brazilian expedition and held three tournaments. Rusca and Gomez confronted at the Rio de Janeiro competition on the 7th. According to media reports at that time,
However, from the sports association of Rio, Ruska was told that the sport was overwhelming, and Ruska was told to stop participating, and returned home the next day. A substitute was given to the Japan-São Paulo Tournament ". For the next 17 years, the name of Baritz was forgotten, but recently the name of Brazilian martial arts has gained attention again. Gracie Jiu Jitsu. It was Kazuki Ichihara of Daido Juku that first named this name n. Ichihara interviewed "I want to fight against Brazil's Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Any mixed martial arts. It will be a game that hits my entire fighting Karate life. I would like to accompany you to challenge you because you want to see a dangerous battle, or this is unavoidable if you are a third party, stick to what you decide by throwing and hitting Moreover, because I did Muay Katchua (Myanmar's batting martial arts), I would like to say that if there is such a martial art, I can fight. " "I think Brazil 's martial arts are amazing! That 's the real martial arts. Even after going to sleep, I 'm going to hit my guns with bare hands. I don't want to do it, I want to incorporate it into my shoot, and I want to do it together, "he tells the media eagerly. vale tudo And Gracie Jiu-jitsu. Conducting local coverage in Brazil seeking contact between these two martial arts"

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I see Marcio feitosa on the right. Dunno about the others.

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getting kicked in the head or sitting?

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Looks like Nino throwing the punch in the guard while Feitosa watches

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Sir Taps - Looks like Nino throwing the punch in the guard while Feitosa watches

Cant ne Nino, no side burns!

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Gracie Barra taught bjj as a martial art?

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this is even pre-UFC

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Have the obvious ones like renzo, rigan and carlinhos, is headlock guy draculino?




bigger pictures


A Machado snap when participating in a '92 Sambo World Games. In the back row there is also the figure of Koichiro Kimura who took part in the tournament.

Vale tudo type no-gi sparring

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Gracie Jiu Jitsu is a combined martial art that is primarily a throwing, squeezing, and joint technique. Strikes are not allowed in the competition. The photo shows a combination of joint techniques that shift from strangling techniques using a garment to locks of the arms. Technically similar to sambo.




One of Sambo's typical skills, the jumping cross arm also exists in Gracie Jiu-jitsu. Rigan Machado, a cousin of Carlos Gracie Jr., also lives in the United States and has won the second consecutive title at the 90th Sambo Pan American Games. It is also possible to adapt to the style of Rings and Pancrass.

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Rommel Cardozo and Roberto Roleta in the pics 

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Awesome. Many thanks! How about headlock guy?