David Jacobs' BJJGround Gym Gi and Patches...

8/12/19 4:28 PM
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I dont know what to think. Goku wore patches for all of his instructors and never complained.

8/13/19 10:27 AM
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i don't mind buying extra gear.  I'm happy to support the gym I train at.  but let's be honest.  Not all gyms are equal and some gyms tailor to a different student than others.  Once you find the instructor and gym atmosphere you like, why would you leave?  If I am switching gyms, a gi isn't going to keep me around.  I only switched gyms because I moved to another state.  I can't commute to Hawaii for bjj.  I like the gym i am at.  I paid for the year.  doesn't that say "loyalty" enough?  I volunteer as a coach in the kids program?  am i not supporting growth already?   

8/13/19 5:44 PM
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Sometimes my wife lets me porrada -

As I get older I like the idea and look of a group of guys in the same color GI with the same, identical look, ie. patches. It looks slick and uniform for pictures. 

I never thought this way before and used to get irritated if I was told what to do or wear and always tested the limits. Now I appreciate a group collective look. It just needs to be priced within reason and classy.

Maybe my time in that environment rubbed off on me. In AZ it was mandatary white gi and association patches but any type gi was fine. Walking into a packed gym and seeing uniform color actually looked really slick. I'm a fan now.

Not to mention the way it looks at a tournament. Did you go to ther novices cup or no gi  tournament last week?