David Jacobs' BJJGround Gym Owners: Martial Arts Insurance

6/12/19 10:52 PM
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Any recommendations?  We pay around $20/student/year.  Is this typical?  It's tough trying to shop around because most places don't cover BJJ/MMA because it's so risky.  Any advice?

6/13/19 1:19 AM
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6/13/19 1:26 AM
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Not sure about the US, but here in the UK, the UKBJJA insurance is the one I use. It's called MartialGuard and is provided through Towergate Insurance, which you get as part of your UKBJJA membership (though it's also sensible to get additional instructor insurance through Towergate too, which has a UKBJJA discount). There are a lot of pretend governing bodies in BJJ, but from what I've seen, the UKBJJA is a legit one (non-profit for a start, with an elected board).  



6/16/19 7:59 AM
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Second vote for karateinsurance.com