David Jacobs' BJJGround How Many Jiu Jitsu Clubs are there in Univeristies

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How Many Jiu Jitsu Clubs are there in Univeristies?

I am doing a research/project for my grad program. Could you guys just mention here the universities you think that offers a BJJ club?

Thank you.

11/18/19 10:22 PM
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Florida International University in Miami, Florida does
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I know that the UCLA coach posts here.

Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles has one too, I believe.
11/18/19 11:10 PM
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University of central Florida (I made my baby cousin sign up)

University of Iowa

Northern Illinois university


11/19/19 2:05 AM
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Marquette University in wisconsin

11/19/19 2:13 AM
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Thank You all!!


11/19/19 7:48 AM
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Johns Hopkins university

11/19/19 1:50 PM
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I know UCLA, USC, UC Irvine, CSU Long Beach, CSU LA, and UC Santa Cruz

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I recall evergreen State University had a Ki society Gentle Aikido club on campus, but in spite of wearing the skirts, got shut down for being "too violent".

(I kid)

But I just remembered that the University of Pittsburgh has an active BJJ club.
11/19/19 3:02 PM
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Oregon State University has one

11/20/19 9:19 AM
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U of S Carolina has one
11/20/19 11:28 AM
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The Citadel, University of Virginia, USNA, University of Miami, VMI, University of Mississippi, Mississippi State, Princeton, University of Central Florida, Clemson, Duke... These are all that I know of.

11/20/19 12:28 PM
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CSU Northridge, USC, UC Irvine. My friend used to run the one in Creighton (Omaha.) I had one student transfer to attend the bjj club at Cornell and one to University of Chicago.

If I had to guess, I think most larger universities have a bjj club of some sort.
11/21/19 1:12 PM
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Rutgers University

11/21/19 2:11 PM
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Northern Illinois University does. I was the instructor for 2 years when I went there. Good times. 

11/24/19 12:57 AM
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Such a great help Thank You!!


11/24/19 2:36 AM
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Princeton University hosts an invitational tournament every year. Last year they had Princeton, TCNJ, Rutgers, Uconn, and Cornell there. 


I also know that Central Florida has a club (someone else mentioned that as well). Syracuse has something too

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We had a club at Michigan (Ann Arbor) when I was there but I don't know if it still exists.
11/24/19 2:16 PM
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Liberty University in VA has a thriving BJJ club.
11/24/19 9:08 PM
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Virginia Tech does