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4/15/19 12:14 AM
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The Guard Passing Anthology: Half Guard is focused on forcing and passing through the half guard, and gives a complete game plan for forcing and passing through all variants of the half guard: Each chapter has an extensive game plan (See the DVD cover for more detail), and the chapters are as per below.




1. Overview and Concepts

2. Forcing the Half Guard

3. Consolidating the pass

4. Cross knee through

5. 3/4 mount

6. Near side knee through

7. Smash pass

8. Half guard proper

9. The lockdown

10. Half butterfly

11. Switch base

12. Defending their underhook

13. Reverse half guard

14. Deep half guard

15. Linking the positions in this series

16. Narrated rolling

For those who have watched my previous instructionals High Percentage Chokes and The Half Guard Anthology, the format of this is very similar. It has concepts, primary attack options, counters, recounters, troubleshooting, linking the techniques, and narrated rolling.

The first thing I will say is that this is the longest instructional that I am aware exists (12 hours). For some people that sounds daunting but I think it is a positive for the following reasons

* You are not meant to watch it all at once, choose the position you are getting stuck in and watch that pert

* It’s long because there is simply so much content I had to cover, and I didn’t want to leave any stone unturned

* I don’t repeat myself, or talk really slowly. So it won’t be a frustrating experience to watch

* The instructional is designed to be a reference. With the streaming/online version, you can locate the technique you want or the problem you are having (see the list of techniques on the cover picture) from a list, click it, and it will take you exactly to that point. You wont have to watch hours of footage to see the technique you are after.

What will be covered in future The Guard Passing Anthology series?

* The 2nd instalment will be on mid range and bodylock passing (there is some bodylock in the Half Guard one also). I plan on doing a gi and no gi version as they are quite different

* The 3rd instalment will be on passing under and around the legs

* Each will be a standalone series in that you don’t need the other one, although altogether it will create a complete passing game. I also have something coming soon with The Grapplers Guide on sweep prevention, focused on staying on top and countering offensive guards.

Let me know what you think or any questions below!

4/15/19 12:17 PM
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I'm in. I get stuck here too often and yet it is my favorite position to pass from.
4/15/19 11:23 PM
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4/18/19 10:40 AM
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Hell yes!
4/18/19 4:24 PM
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Great to hear you've added another instructional to the market, i'm really enjoying the others. If you dont mind me asking, do you have set dates yet for the filming of hte bodylock passing instructionals (i'm interested in that one the most)?

4/19/19 8:12 PM
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I think it will be around 6 months away!

4/20/19 1:25 AM
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Funny I was just down on myself today and feeling in a rut with my passing since people are getting used to my half guard passing strategies and I see this pop up.  Thanks Lachlan!

4/20/19 3:11 PM
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Hey Lachlan, we just had one of your blue belts drop in here in hawaii, he's visited before and I gotta say, I'm really impressed at the skill level.  Even though he is a four stripe blue, I rolled with him nogi and seems as comfortable as any brown belt.  I look forward to this instructional!

4/28/19 11:21 AM
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I love the instructionals man. All of your courses have been great. Thanks for putting them out there.