David Jacobs' BJJGround Japanese neck tie?

12 days ago
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Choke or crank?

Easy to get the tap, but can this be used as a blood choke with the right angle?

11 days ago
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It's such a gross motor movement that it's difficult to consistently make it choke without cranking as well.

11 days ago
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10 days ago
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If done correctly, it will choke someone but will be so F'n painful they will tap way before the choke sets in. I have tapped many brown and black belts with this technique even when they knew what I was going to do. Best submission ever created IMO.

Can be done off of failed D'arce, counter to single from the knees, from turtle,etc..
7 days ago
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Yup.  Damn solid answer to having your hands threaded properly for the D’arce but being stuck in half-guard.

Once I transition to the J Necktie I WANT that leg in.

7 days ago
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