David Jacobs' BJJGround Just bought a Gi. Not happy. Suggestions?

23 days ago
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Bought a Reevo Aerolight and while I love how light it is, it's uncomfortable and stiff. I am assuming that the $139.99 price point speaks for itself. I live in Canada and have been eyeing an OriginMaine Gi but the shipping is ridiculous right now. I have a Hayabusa that is great, its just too big, especially the pants. Can anyone suggest a high quality Gi? Thanks.

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I like Inverted Gear. Their tall A3 is perfect for me and they are great quality. 

22 days ago
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What size is it? I have a few gis maybe we can make a trade

22 days ago
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you in canada. Look at fushida. I have 2 judo and one bjj from them


22 days ago
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Size is A3 porrada

21 days ago
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Venom I've found over the years fits me best.  Everybody is different though,  my friend only wears tatami but I can't the pants dont fit me right.  Atama is always quality as well

21 days ago
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I really like my Origin gi, made in America baby.

21 days ago
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TexasBJJ85 -

I really like my Origin gi, made in America baby.

Like I said, shipping is atrocious to Canada :(

21 days ago
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https://kingzkimonos.ca - been pretty happy with their gi's and no shipping cost in Canada.


20 days ago
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TexasBJJ85 -

I really like my Origin gi, made in America baby.

I have 4 Origens. All great Gis. Have all lasted for years, were the first ones to come out.

All made in Pakistan, baby. 

19 days ago
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Return and buy a new one

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Love my Origin. See if there is a Facebook group where you can trade, buy used, something. 

17 days ago
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Fuji and 93Brand. They both have Gi's for around $100. I stopped buying expensive Gi's when I realized I couldn't tell much difference between any of them. 

17 days ago
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I got a Fuji Elemental gi and I love it (A3).  Choosing it over all my other gis now.

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Hyperfly makes some quality shit.  You may have to hunt a little for one that isn’t branded up.

I have 3 and they all fit like a taoilored suit.

Inverted Gear also makes a comfortable, quality gi.

Tatami’s are nice also but the sizing is inconsistent.

I have an HCK that is bulletproof but they don’t exist any more.

21 hours ago
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came here to say hyperfly.  they have a .ca website too.