David Jacobs' BJJGround Just bought a Gi. Not happy. Suggestions?

7/31/19 2:26 PM
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Bought a Reevo Aerolight and while I love how light it is, it's uncomfortable and stiff. I am assuming that the $139.99 price point speaks for itself. I live in Canada and have been eyeing an OriginMaine Gi but the shipping is ridiculous right now. I have a Hayabusa that is great, its just too big, especially the pants. Can anyone suggest a high quality Gi? Thanks.

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I like Inverted Gear. Their tall A3 is perfect for me and they are great quality. 

8/1/19 12:26 AM
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What size is it? I have a few gis maybe we can make a trade

8/1/19 1:16 AM
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you in canada. Look at fushida. I have 2 judo and one bjj from them


8/1/19 12:13 PM
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Size is A3 porrada

8/1/19 5:18 PM
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Venom I've found over the years fits me best.  Everybody is different though,  my friend only wears tatami but I can't the pants dont fit me right.  Atama is always quality as well

8/2/19 1:39 AM
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I really like my Origin gi, made in America baby.

8/2/19 12:04 PM
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TexasBJJ85 -

I really like my Origin gi, made in America baby.

Like I said, shipping is atrocious to Canada :(

8/2/19 2:08 PM
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https://kingzkimonos.ca - been pretty happy with their gi's and no shipping cost in Canada.


8/3/19 2:54 PM
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TexasBJJ85 -

I really like my Origin gi, made in America baby.

I have 4 Origens. All great Gis. Have all lasted for years, were the first ones to come out.

All made in Pakistan, baby. 

8/3/19 10:47 PM
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Return and buy a new one

8/5/19 2:58 PM
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8/6/19 8:00 AM
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Love my Origin. See if there is a Facebook group where you can trade, buy used, something. 

8/6/19 9:50 AM
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Fuji and 93Brand. They both have Gi's for around $100. I stopped buying expensive Gi's when I realized I couldn't tell much difference between any of them. 

8/6/19 9:51 AM
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I got a Fuji Elemental gi and I love it (A3).  Choosing it over all my other gis now.

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26 days ago
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Hyperfly makes some quality shit.  You may have to hunt a little for one that isn’t branded up.

I have 3 and they all fit like a taoilored suit.

Inverted Gear also makes a comfortable, quality gi.

Tatami’s are nice also but the sizing is inconsistent.

I have an HCK that is bulletproof but they don’t exist any more.

25 days ago
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came here to say hyperfly.  they have a .ca website too.  

21 days ago
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I tell everybody, check out 93 brand. Best bang for the buck and they have a lot of the tailored sizes.... longs, talls, and that stuff. 

20 days ago
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Albino preto 

20 days ago
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I think AP has some of the nicest gis out there.  I finally got my hands on one and didnt like the cut at all.  The skirt is too long like the older school cuts.  

Plus they have an annoying batch release model and are overpriced.  So many better options IMO 

20 days ago
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