David Jacobs' BJJGround Keenanonline user reviews?

8/12/19 2:20 PM
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Hey Gents, anyone here subscribe to Keenan's site? If so, would you mind giving a quick review? Thanks in advance! 

8/12/19 5:25 PM
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I waa a subscriber until last month. Seems like they are refreshing a lot of content so planning to resub in a couple of months.


I think you can look at the site layout, sub menus etc without being a member, which will give you an idea of layout and content. Generally, most videos are split by belt, position type, top and bottom. So for example white belt, closed guard, bottom. When I was on they had white and blue all done and uploaded, with purple part way through. There are also separate sections for positions and no gi, with some overlap.


His recent video clips on youtube or insta are a bit sleeker than some of the onlone clips, and they've said that some of the old content will be gettinf refilmed and updated.


I really like his style of teaching and he does some cool stuff betind just techniques, like upload some narrated rolls, match analysis and private lessons (two guys and him giving them instruction, explaining things, adjusting them etc).


Also, works well on mobile via browser.




8/12/19 5:47 PM
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i've seen some of his stuff. he might be the best instructor out there right now. his BJJ is world class and he is good at presenting his material. the fact that he is a native english speaker is also a plus that is often overlooked.

the only downside, and this was a dealbreaker for me, is that he is all about the lapel. i just can't get into all that worm/mantis/squid stuff that he does. but if you're into i think his site would be great.

8/14/19 5:31 PM
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Thanks for the info guys! Were you satisfied with the number of videos on the site? Others have thousands.

8/15/19 12:22 AM
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I had it for a month a while back.  It was kind of underwhelming and there were several videos mislabeled.  I would be interested to check it out again now that he's putting more into it.


its tough to beat bjjlibrary though