David Jacobs' BJJGround Nick Serra opens Mad Monkey Serra BJJ

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Good for him.  I always liked his jiu jitsu.

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Fredo could never take getting hit, so his style did not translate to MMA. (being polite)

But yeah he was always a legit grappler in his own right. The guy was in his brother's corner for the 1st GSP fight.

He just never had the toughness required for MMA.


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Didn’t some weird shit happen between Matt and nick 

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This is why they write those red flag laws

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checkuroil -

Didn’t some weird shit happen between Matt and nick 

Matt kicked him out of his schools for acting crazy or something. Also something about sexing a younger female student. 

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I'm not sure if they ever made up, but if not matt can file a cease and desist for using not only his likeness in the photos but also the Serra bjj logo.  I hope not,  but there's always that chance.