3/4/18 3:39 PM
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Anyone own an Origin?

Anyone own more than one?  

Am looking for:

The difference between the different weaves (dragon weave, american pearl, atomic twill as well as what the deal is with the "pro pants.)  Yes, I can contact the factory, but only you guys can tell me how they feel and perform compared to other gis.

Also, how do they hold up?  Shrinkage?  Do they size big or small compared to other brands?  Long/short?

Is there anyone who absolutely loves it?  Totally hates it?  If so, why?  Would you compete in one over another brand?

3/4/18 5:42 PM
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Our association is tied in with Origin so lots of people at my school wear them. I think my instructor has every one haha. They all like them and most don’t wear other brands. I personally don’t have one because I only do white and they are always sold out. That being said I know twenty five people with probably 100 Origin gis and have never heard anyone talking about an issue. 

3/4/18 9:22 PM
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I had one awhile ago, the pants fit kinda tight/fitted but overall I really liked it. Id buy another 

3/5/18 1:06 PM
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I opted supporting them after they got rid of the sperm logo.

3/5/18 5:53 PM
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Don’t have much to add except that they are beautiful Gis

3/6/18 3:41 PM
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Alright, I went ahead and ordered one.

I actually emailed the company to get some answers to my questions. THey got back to me quickly, and invited me to call. Spoke to one of their guys who explained the different fabrics.

I'll check back next month (after I open it -- it's my birthday present to me) and let you know how it rolls.
3/7/18 12:38 AM
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In for review.

4/18/18 1:18 PM
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Ok, My gi arrived and, after waiting I opened it for my birthday at the end of March. I've since gone on vacation, so I've only worn it twice. My thoughts:

Black Comp Atleta

Customer service? A+. I spoke with one of the guys there and he walked me through the different weaves (and did so in a way that didn't make me feel like a dummy :) )

The gi?

Strangest weave I ever saw. Thick, but very VERY light.

Feels fantastic putting it on. And while the logo's bright stitching contrasts with the black, it's not overwhelming. No crazy bsrbed wire, no "fight me bro" slogans.

It sizes big. I'm 6'2, 195lbs and the A3 was both long and generous in the middle. I emailed the factory -- once again they were super helpful. They told me it would shrink somewhat in the wash but that if it didn't, I should contact them and they would make aure I got one that fit 'perfect'. It did shrink a bit in the wash, but I have yet to put it in the dryer. Will do so this week and check back.

I've been training for about 20 years and have owned a lot of gis over the years. I have four in rotation now, in fact. This is top three (so far). If it lasts a year (and I have no reason to believe it won't), it's a contender for best. gi. ever.

I was really hoping this gi would meet/exceed expectations, as I like the fact they make them in the US and want to support them. Also, I met Dedeco in Boston, who is a partner of some sort in Origin, and he seems like a nice guy. So far, so good.

I'm not one for spending a lot of money on gis. I usually get them at academy prices, cheap through online deals, or free from people who quit (free is good). I haven't seen much so far to differentiate between a high-end gi and a Pakistani knockoff. This gi, simply through the weave, is like nothing I've worn before. I'm not about to spend the money to wear only Origin gis, but I (so far) don't regret dropping some $ on this one as a treat for my birthday.

Will check back to inform as to how much I can shrink it in the dryer and then again to report back as to how it wears over time.

(Note: I am not sponsored by, nor do I receive any benefit from, Origin. I did get a 10% discount for it being a 'first purchase')
4/18/18 4:31 PM
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Great review!  Thank you sir.

4/18/18 4:53 PM
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That pretty much sums up my experience with Origin as well. Great customer service, and a really well built gi. Mine air dries in no time (I can wash it at night and wear it for 06:00 class), so it gets over-represented in my gi rotation. It was my first “upscale” gi, and has been worth every penny for me.

4/18/18 10:12 PM
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Im waiting for Jocko’s gi they’re releasing 

4/18/18 10:38 PM
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GaspareBJJ -

Im waiting for Jocko’s gi they’re releasing 

The gi I have is the Jocko Discipline = Freedom gi that they did for Black Friday this year. I am waiting on details about the new Jocko gi they said they are releasing

4/20/18 11:58 PM
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They are coming it with a spiral cut gi that has no seams on the jacket. 

4/24/18 10:48 PM
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GaspareBJJ -

Im waiting for Jocko’s gi they’re releasing 

It came out today!

4/25/18 1:03 AM
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Had a noon class walk-in today that had an Origin.  You’re right, crazy weave.  More like a bathrobe, I swear.  Nice and soft but looks and feels tough as hell.

4/25/18 6:19 AM
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How much for shipping and duty?

I am really interested in getting an Origin gi but will probably have to wait until my next trip to the states. 

4/25/18 8:48 AM
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Don't own any (YET) but factory made in the US
makes me want to support them.
4/27/18 2:20 PM
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molsonman - 

How much for shipping and duty?

I am really interested in getting an Origin gi but will probably have to wait until my next trip to the states. 

I'll check my invoice for shipping price to Canada.

Of note: They were quick to get it out of the warehouse, but US Postal Service took their sweet old time with it.
4/27/18 7:58 PM
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I wonder if they have a double weave?

5/3/18 1:31 PM
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I shrunk the gi a couple times (carefully, in stages).

It fits great. Still a touch more generous that I would use in competition, but I'm sure another run through the dryer would fix that as well. For a training/teaching gi I don't need it to be on the razor's edge of allowable, and I'm not one of those guys who trains in a gi that nobody can grab onto.

Bottom line review:

Origin Atleta Comp (black):

Light as hell, but not in an ultrathin rip-stop crappy way. Hard to describe until you put one on.

A+ customer service

A3 Fits great (I'm 6'2, 195), but will take some shrinking if you're my size. Taller or *ahem* huskier guys should be good out of box.

Feels and goes on like what it is: A premium gi.

I would buy from them again, even if they didn't make them in the US.
5/19/18 11:55 PM
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which other brands are in your top 3?

9/11/19 6:12 PM
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I got one last November, the rift jacket but in a different weave and the pro pants


I have a Moya that I may not wear again, the origin so much better


I also have 3 pairs of their jeans and they are drastically better than the Lucky Brand and Banana Republic jeans I have. Not even comparable 

Edited: 9/13/19 11:48 AM
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I bought a pair of their compression spats. Never wore any spats before but these were really comfortable. The warmth on my on my knees was nice.

9/13/19 11:49 AM
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molsonman - I bought a pair of their compression spats. Never wore any spats before but these were really comfortable. The warmth on my on my knees was nice.

I have 3 pair of their spats

I use in bjj and running when it is cool
9/13/19 7:04 PM
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Love their jeans, can't wait to get a gi