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liquidrob - He might be 0-2 against Terere

Ya, I checked BJJ Heroes and Marcelo does have a lot of losses.  Any loss Rafa had was either by advantage or refs decision.  He didn’t do absolutes really but hard to hold that against a feather weight.  Overall his sub rate is really high as well, just wasn’t always able to sub the cobrinhas or tanquinhos

When Marcelo got his black belt, his only losses at his weight in the gi were to Terere (twice) and Michael Langhi once (stupid rule set at the Abu Dhabi Pro which I think he should have won).

With Rafa, when he got his black belt, his losses at weight in the gi were to Cobrinha (twice- or maybe three times), and Tanquinho twice.

In No Gi, at weight, Marcelo lost to Pablo Popovitch once (who admitted to cheating to beat him), and Rafa lost to Cobrinha once.

Rafa is a 6x IBJJF champ and 2x ADCC champ.

Marcelo is a 5x IBJJF champ and 4x ADCC champ.

Marcelo also won the Brasilerio absolute in 2006 - during an era when many would say this was a harder tournament than the worlds.
To win this, he beat Cyborg, Andre Galvao, and Damian Maia all in one tournament.

It's a close call, but I will always go with Marcelo :)

You don't think the Michael Langhi match was fake/planned with a pre-arranged winner?

I know both guys games very well from being huge fans and watching them for years and with the little nuances they both did and didn't do being drastically different than their normal games and matches with other opponents. WIth my observations, I'm hard pressed to believe that match was fought at 100% effort to win. Otherwise, I think Marcelo would stomp Michael Langhi easily

I just watched parts of the match again- honestly, I don't think Marcelo would ever do a planned match- he would just close out - like he did against Sergio Moraes.

In the match, it looks like he is trying his hardest to pass, but all Langhi is doing is holding on with his spider guard- not attempting sweeps or submissions...I imagine it is nearly impossible to pass Langhi's guard when he isn't opening up too much.

(Afterwards, you can also see that Marcelo isn't very happy with the result of the decision.)

I might get be thinking about the wrong tournament, but I do know that one of the Abu Dhabi tournaments they use to have rules against closing out brackets. That's why Rafa and Gui had to have a "match" against one another.