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I've recently been watching some Sambo videos on this channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaGxNzVhEXXSI_dYfbKy5tg). I really like the instruction and techniques, but this one on the rules was especially interesting. I think the ruleset used is excellent - a range of scores for how successful a throw is, pinning points (but unlike Judo no pinning for ippon/total victory), and submissions. What's most interesting IMO is the technical superiority win - victory by having 8 points more than your opponent. I'd really like to see something like that in BJJ - personally I think a really high scoring match is pointless (and really only demonstrates that you're either a show-off or you could never really control your opponent - hence you had to pass guard 10 times). Also this video quickly shows a hip lock that I've never seen (go to 6:20 in the video).


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Thanks! Will have to check this out

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Best rule I've seen is they stop a submission if you lift your opponent off the mat. It eliminates the danger of being slammed while making sure you learn how not to be picked up while attempting submissions. 

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Seems like Sambo is hybrid between judo and BJJ.    Win the match by throwing the opponent on their back and remain standing ends the match.  The throws in the actual photo are all classic judo.  Penalties for being defensive.  I like the one turning your back.  This is not a penalty in judo but it did get me thinking because you are avoiding the finishing of the throw.   In judo you must remain in control/contact with the opponent to score.  I can see why judokas(Mongolians mainly)  did so well in sport sambo before the IJF banned "A" level judokas from participating in Sambo/BJJ.