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9 days ago
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I'm a BJJ black belt from Paris, I sometimes post my BJJ/MMA related artworks here. Anyway, the story is that I messed up my back doing BJJ a bit stupidly sometimes... Doing a daily stretching routine is the only thing that eases the lumbar pain. I wanted to draw some of the positions I do for fun and it all spiraled down into this weird project:

It's a 36 pages .pdf free for download on my website:

Wait… What?

It's got stretching exercises, some comics, some weird stuff, a bit of useful information (not too much do not worry...), anyway, hope you'll like it, here are some excerpts:


"Mandatory Oss!"

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Very cool

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Mate this is just so impressive. I tried the game changer and it felt pretty good! My right hip plays up sometimes and that stretch hit the spot nicely.

Your styIe is compelling. It reminds me a bit of some illustrated books from the 70s I used to read as a kid.

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Thanks!! Taking stretching "seriously" has been a small miracle for me. The pain and discomfort was a bit depressing at times, and doing this routine almost daily has improved my quality of life tremendously (I'm 40 ARRRRGGHHHHHHH!!!! now...).

The only "downside" is that this isn't a cure, it's only pain relief, and I'm stuck with doing this until I die... Unless I get operated some day...

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Thanks alot! Good luck with your injury.

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Gonna add #25 The Game Changer to my routine.  My right hip is where most of my pain is.