8/4/19 6:34 PM
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shen -

That's cool!

He used to stop by occasionally a long time ago. He taught class one night --he's not really into teaching. But I liked what he taught.

I recall he said (paraphrase), "I don't know very much jiu jitsu, I just do what I know" That stuck with me for some reason.


Junior told us once that Wallid knows like 10 total BJJ moves but he knows them better than you. That always stuck with me. 

8/5/19 2:17 PM
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It was great meeting you on Saturday, SpeedKing!

8/5/19 2:50 PM
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SpeedKing9 - Wallid stopped by my teacher's school (Rey Diogo) the other day and he asked me to roll with him. What an experience. First of all, it's not a persona - he really is the most intense person. He had what looked like his rituals before rolling, putting on tape, walking back and forth a certain way, etc. and Rey told me, "be ready for the pressure"

...and wow - I was not. He really makes you carry his weight the whole time and he is very patient. Low risk. He for certain had the strongest single hook back control I have ever felt in my life. I know you're supposed to keep the guy stretched out, but he exaggerated this stretch out and it was paralysing. He also was not afraid to use his wrist blade radial bone to force my chin up. I made the mistake of going nice and "respectful" with a guy who's only goal is to smoke you. I got a rude awakening of the old school mentality. I am still not sure how to navigate that as it's not my personality to try and go 100% to kill you, but maybe that's my own problem.

And in true competitive fashion, after the bell rang he said, "no keep go." We ended up rolling for thirty minutes with me mostly defending until Rey finally told him class is finished. He had impressive cardio - he never got tired, and never stopped moving forward. He has a MEAN body lock that he goes for from seated for standing passers - it's one I will steal and use for my own.

Cool to roll with what seemed to be a game that was in a time capsule (I mean this in an amazing way) - I have rolled with competitive modern styles and this was just...different. This was almost a reconfirmation for me that the style I grew up on is the style you want for a fight.

Here is foto of me in between Rey and Wallid after the first round.


Awesome account, thanks!
8/5/19 6:28 PM
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andre - 

It was great meeting you on Saturday, SpeedKing!

Nice to meet you too! Will you be around more at Rey's?
8/5/19 6:47 PM
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SpeedKing9 -
andre - 

It was great meeting you on Saturday, SpeedKing!

Nice to meet you too! Will you be around more at Rey's?

Definitely. I live pretty far away, but I'm going to try to drive down whenever possible. It was so good to see everyone.

8/6/19 5:00 AM
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Great story!

8/7/19 2:18 PM
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Wallid vs JJ Machado