David Jacobs' BJJGround What ever happened to Royler Gracies’ s knee?

28 days ago
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I just rewatched Eddie vs Royler 2, anyone with knowledge of Royler’s knee after the match?

28 days ago
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Pretty sure he posted a pic on IG the next day of him surfing

28 days ago
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Legend has it that it’s still in Eddie’s lockdown 

26 days ago
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There is no way that Royler is ever going to admit anything there.
If you ask him he'll say he ran a marathon the next day.
26 days ago
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He'll say he was fine, the panic in his movements will tell you otherwise.

25 days ago
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The Gracie hate for Eddie Bravo is insane. 

Edited: 25 days ago
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I know for a FACT that he put a cold watermelon juice compress on it for 20 minutes, then jogged home.