David Jacobs' BJJGround Who are the most knowledgeable leglock experts?

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FatBuddha - Where are all the sambo guys? Have the bjj guys surpassed the sambo guys worldwide?

At this point, Sambo guys don't hold a candlestick to the elite BJJ leg lockers. That may be a slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean. 

I think it is time to dispell this myth about most sport sambo players being good at leg locks.....

Sambo matches are most commonly decided by points from throws and pins. The percentage of sambo players that are very good at leg locks is much smaller in comparison to those that are good at throwing. This is even more true nowadays because they reduced the amount of point differential needed for a tech fall to only 8.

The American style of Sambo has historically been a bit more leg lock heavy (ex. Reily Bodycomb) and I think this is where the misconception comes from. Guys that are better at throwing are gettong involved in Sambo in America now, so this is changing.

Twisting leg locks are illegal in Sambo and it's been that way forever, so no need to work on for holds or heel hooks. You also get limited time on the ground like judo and the match is restarted if you stand up while caught in a submission too, so that makes overall approach way different.....

With that being said though, there are some guys that are VERY good at leg locks in international sambo. However, they typically excel at straight ankle locks, transitioning immediately from standing position/throwing to a leg lock or leg locks from top turtle position. These are all areas that most jiu jitsu players don't focus on.


Contrary to popular belief most sambists don't specialize in leg locks. Those that do are good at straight ankle locks, attacking the legs from top turtle and transitioning immediately from standing/throwing to a leg lock.

Jiu jitsu guys are better at everything else.

interesting, thanks
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Daniƫl Bertina -

Just did a training camp with Jon Calestine & Aaron Milam.

Insane depth of knowledge. 

IIRC, Milam had a big impact on the leglock game at Renzo's, but his name doesn't come up as often as it should. Really wanted to make the Focus Camp in Leuven he was teaching leglocks at last month: I heard it was a lot of black belts, plus purples and up? Must have been incredible for you at open mat!

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I would go with Danaher, Eddie Cummings and Roy Harris.....
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Craig Jones?

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Zero1 - I would go with Danaher, Eddie Cummings and Roy Harris.....

Why Roy Harris? I have never heard anyone credit him with their leg locking ability ever. 

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IIRC , i was listening to an interview with Roy Harris on bjjbrick, I think he told a story of training someone to apply  leglocks as a strategy for when he went down to Bazil for some big contest , which he won

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Roy Harris learned Leglocks from Nick Baturin in the 90ees. Since he is an analytical mastermind he came up with amazing stuff. I trained with him from 2002 till 2008 and his leglock skills where pretty amazing.