David Jacobs' BJJGround any old school ITG or NHB Gear folks still around?

9/20/20 1:16 AM
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I talk to Sam (Triangle), owner of NHBGear on a daily basis. I'm a black belt under Rob Kahn (Guardian). NHB members still out here on the mats!

23 days ago
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I was big poster back in the day as a white belt.. Where I got all my BJJ knowledge from..

Met a few people in RL that were posters, Val Worthington, Rod..

Val asked for permission to write about a time I took her to a Vancouver strip club to put in her book, still need to buy it, wonder if it actually made it in?

but man, so many memories.. Sad, and good ones...
23 days ago
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Anyone old enough to remember defend.net?


22 days ago
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Was an NHBgear member. :)


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Gumby - Anyone old enough to remember defend.net?


I was on matbattle for years under the name groundnpound