David Jacobs' BJJGround back triangle a reliable counter to deep half?

26 days ago
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18:28 if the time stamp doesn't work.


I've never seen this before and it took me a few viewings to figure out how he wound up there.


Can anyone tell me about making this work? I want to punish people who try to go deep half on me.

26 days ago
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Cant see video.

Catching the back triangle on a guy going deep half really depends on how sloppy his deep half is. 

1) He would need to not be hiding his arm.

2) You would either have to stall his movement and work your trapped leg free or time his movement and free your leg as he attempts a sweep.

Can it be done?  Sure.  I wouldnt call it a reliable counter though.  You are more likely to make it an easy sweep for him by looking for it, imo.


23 days ago
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No, it is not a reliable counter.