OtherGround Forums Best John Grisham Books?

2/8/12 9:04 PM
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I've read a painted house and am currently reading Runaway Jury. I also have Street Lawyer in my possession but have yet to read it. So what do you think are his best novels?
2/23/12 12:34 AM
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The Firm is one of his best in my opinion. His new one, The Litigators, was disappointing.
2/26/12 5:06 AM
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That's good to know. I saw it at the store the other night and considered picking it up but opted out.
2/27/12 2:18 PM
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I mean, it's written really well of course. But it's lacking in the suspense/thriller aspect. It just becomes a basic courtroom drama.

How is Runaway Jury?
8/27/12 10:25 PM
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I have read all of Grisham's novels except his latest one (not counting his children's books). My favorite book of his is "The Rainmaker". My other favorites are "A Time to Kill", "The Firm", and "The Partner".
9/20/12 3:02 PM
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Hands down The Street Lawyer is my favorite, but it seems to piss off the Conservatives I have recommended it to. Painted House was great as well.

If you are a sports fan, Calico Joe and Playing for Pizza are good reads, too. I also prefer his non-legal books, he has a definite talent for writing.
10/15/12 12:17 PM
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The Firm and the Pelican Brief were my favorite of his. I did like Calico Joe too.
1/24/13 4:53 PM
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Pelican brief was the first I read and it stuck with me. I really enjoyed the street lawyer too. The associate was good too.

If you like his books, ill also recommend Steve martini. The attorney is an awesome book.