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What are some of the better noir fiction titles? I've read a lot of James Ellroy, Elmore Leonard, George Pelecanos and Richard Price. Any other recommendations?
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If you want noir, you can't ignore Mickey Spillane. His Mike Hammer novels helped define the genre.

Andrew Vachss is a more modern noir author. His character, Burke, is an all-around psychotic badass who often takes up the causes of abused children. Burke also surrounds himself with colorful characters like the Zionist, arms dealing junkman and a mute martial arts assassin. I've read a few and they are entertaining.
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check out the harry bosch series by michael connely.
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Spillane is a must read. Lawrence Block is pretty good. Moseley is also good. Spillane is more black/white while Block and Moseley deal with a lot of grey areas. Reading Spillane can be a little bit jarring to modern sensibilities since Hammer tends to react to everything that gets in his way by either punching it in the gut, pistol whipping it or slapping the shit out of it.
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James M. Cain, Dashiell Hammett, and Raymond Chandler - might as well start at the top. 

11/4/08 5:21 AM
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ThugLife - check out the harry bosch series by michael connely.


Lawrence Block for sure too. Start with "Eight Million Ways To Die".

"Murder Book", by Richard Rayner, and John Ridley's (wrote 3 Kings movie) "Love is a Racket".
11/9/08 12:28 AM
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Start with raymond chandler. Everyone else is an imitation.

when I was much younger, Archer was a good way to pass the time
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I need more noir to read .

I like Andrew Vachs. Very gritty.
2/16/09 5:38 AM
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ThugLife - check out the harry bosch series by michael connely.

Excellent recomendation.

I've read Bloodwork (my favotite), Concrete Blonde, Black Ice (excellent).
2/17/09 12:50 AM
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I have read some really good hard boiled/noir that does true justice to the masters of the genre.

Walter Mosley really does a great job of putting the black into the noir. Easy Rawlins hustles his way through the hood while encountering and nailing femme fatales of every shade.

Ken Bruen gives noir an Irish twist...and for fuck sakes if any nationality deserves a drunken ex cop turned PI it's the micks. Bruens books reek of whiskey breath and tragedy.

Then there is Simon Kernick and his literary creation Detective Sgt Dennis Milne. Milne is a detective who unfortunately moonlights as a hitman for the local mob boss.
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 Shit, how can I forget about Jim Thompson.

Chock full of psycho's, con artists, and sleazoids.

And those are the protagonists.
8/3/09 10:32 PM
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It begins and ends with James M Cain --

"Double Indemnity"

"The Postman Always Rings Twice"

Hammet is great too --

"Red Harvest"

"The Maltese Falcon" (obviously)
8/4/09 3:05 PM
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 Lawrence Block has passsages that stay with me. Sometimes a decade after reading them.
Like in "8 Million Ways to Die", he describes taking an incapacitated, would be mugger's leg, and propping it up against a wall...stomping on it and hearing the snap.

In the LA Times last Sunday, I read a glowing review about Thomas Pynchon's  "Inherent Vice". Picking that up soon.
8/12/09 4:07 PM
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 I read Maltese Falcon on vacation. Quick read, but lots of fun.

(after the cops try to intimidate him)
Spade: "It's been a long while since I burst into tears just because policemen don't like me!"

Now, I want to find more of Hammett's work.
8/11/10 3:10 AM
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 This, while cyberpunk, has one of the best modern noir voices you'll find. It's fucking outstanding:

This will put hair on your balls:

This is just amazing writing:

This will make you play records backwards and carve pentagrams in your linoleum floor:

This will make you say "Fuck mankind":

8/11/10 3:12 AM
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 Hard to find, but worth the search:

8/11/10 10:48 PM
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Amazon.com has it in stock.
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Cat Shannon - I think the Richard Stark/Donald Westlake thing was throwing me off.


 Yeah, he has many pen names--like a half dozen that he used over his career. I got mine from an independent bookstore.
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James Crumley's novels,especially his earlier ones, are well worth reading.

The Wrong Case

The Last Good Kiss

Dancing Bear

9/5/11 7:28 AM
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Tyler Knight's "This will make you..." one-liners are some of the best-written book reviews ever. I want to read all of those now.
10/2/11 6:14 PM
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croaker - Start with raymond chandler. Everyone else is an imitation.

4/21/12 5:44 PM
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Alan Moore's "Top Ten" comics.