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This guy is my favorite (relatively) young author. In my opinion his biggest strength is his ability to shift between different styles throughout a work. His best known work is Infinite Jest which is a large piece on the nature of addiction and how we pass time and how these two concepts are interrelated. Has anybody else read his work, and does anybody else enjoy what he writes?
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I liked his book on zero. he has a math B.S., IIRC.
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I enjoyed the book on infinity as well, and thought that he did an excellent job explaining the theoretical math contained therein. I tend to enjoy stories about scientific achievements and have an engineering background so I was probably the core demographic for that book.
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Really I got hooked on Infinite Jest in the second chapter where he is writing in the head of the obsessive compulsive stoner who is watching a bug cross the wall. I laughed my ass off through the chapter and was hooked through the rest of the book. One of the things that I enjoy most in literature is writing style, which makes me a sucker for his books.
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I knew him in college -- same writing class, and also along with, believe it or not, Dan Brown. I haven't managed to read much of his work since then. Smart guy. Obsessed with Pynchon. I read a few chapters of Infinite Jest. Seemed like he was still obsessed with Pynchon. A lot of very smart people are. I haven't managed to muster up that kind of interest in "maximalism" though.
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Holy shit that is cool. Pynchon is definitely an influence although I like Foster Wallace better (but I have only read one of Pynchons minor works).
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I've only read 'Brief interviews with Hideous men' and didn't care for it at all.
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He taught my lit survey course in college . . . as Ali said, very smart guy. Infinte Jest was a good novel, definately more humane and grounded in reality than Pynchon's stuff. His short stories and essays vary wildly in quality.
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RIP great man.