8/1/09 8:04 PM
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Anyone read this? I'm 100 pages in and starting to get a bit lost.
8/3/09 10:25 PM
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It's great, stick with it.
9/1/09 11:52 PM
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I've never understood the hype around DFW, but I like Pynchon's novels. Go figure.
9/3/09 4:46 PM
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reading was delayed and then restarted due to delay. now past 400 and it's great.
Edited: 9/3/09 7:07 PM
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It is written in an unusual style and you often wonder where TF it is going, but it is entertaining as well as frustrating. Stick with it.

Once you've finished it, it also works well as a doorstop :)

RE Pynchon, I never made it through Gravity's Rainbow, but I might revisit, being older and more patient now.

Foucault's (sp?) Pendulum is another novel that seems to go on and on with not much happening and the point unclear. I gave up about 3/4 of the way through. Should I persevere?
11/18/11 11:27 PM
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 Favorite Book of All Time.
9/24/12 2:13 PM
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Man I hated that book...I made myself finish it. My guess is I didn't like it cause I'm not smart enough to get it.
7/23/16 9:20 PM
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Try Infinite Summer, a website for people all over the world undertaking Infinite est over the summer. Its a cool community of IJ readers: http://infinitesummer.org/

9/16/16 4:46 PM
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Started with infinitesummer and just dedicated a few weekends to reading and finished it in just over a month.