OtherGround Forums My Friend Dahmer....anyone read it??

8/16/12 10:37 PM
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it is a graphic novel written by a guy that went to school with Jeffrey dahmer..i saw it in barnes and nobles the other day, it looked interesting...its getting great reviews online, has anyone read it??what did u think??
10/3/12 1:46 PM
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going to check it out through my local library. is being shipped through intra library loan and will be here in a few days. looks cool. will give my thoughts when done.
4/10/13 4:41 PM
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Pretty good read and interesting idea.
4/11/13 5:12 PM
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so what was his basic thoughts on Dahmer?did they all think he was going to grow up and kill?it seemed from the reviews i read that the author pretty much focused the blame on the parents in the town...they just let the bad kids slide...?
4/11/13 6:40 PM
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They thought he was a weirdo, but were actually kind of friends with him in a warped relationship type of way. He was the outcast at school but got a bit of social acceptance as he would do funny stuff.

The author said this about Dahmer, "This is the story before that story. My book is about a sad, damaged boy who spiraled into madness as the adults in his life, either through disinterest, incompetence or just failing to see, stood by and watched."

Synopsis if no one knows about it....

My Friend Dahmer depicts the author's teenage friendship with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer during his time at Eastview Junior High and Revere High School. Backderf, while not excusing Dahmer's crimes, presents Dahmer as a surprisingly sympathetic kid who was tormented by inner demons and neglected by the adults in his life.[5] The comic recalls Dahmer's isolation, his binge drinking, his bizarre behavior to get attention, and his disturbing fascination with roadkill. Derf and his friends encouraged Dahmer to act out, including fake epileptic fits in the library and his imitation of a person with cerebral palsy. The story follows Dahmer from age 12, when he was a shy, bespectacled kid, right up to the day he kills his first victim a mere two weeks after high school graduation.
6/13/13 12:57 AM
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^^yes it seems the book blames the parents for not doing much to help Dahmer but in the end, i truly wonder if they could have helped him, and how?could they have really led him on a better path where he hurt no one?i have my doubts tbh..