OtherGround Forums Reading Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

8/2/15 9:29 AM
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I'm about halfway through this book, and I love it so far.

It starts with the moon blowing up, and just gets more interesting from there.

One of the main characters must be based on Neil DeGrasse Tyson, so thats who I'm picturing when he's in a scene.

Any other books by Stephenson I should read when I'm done with this? Seveneves is the first book I've read by him, and I'm eager for more.
7/23/16 9:22 PM
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It's really good world building and story telling without getting too bogged down by hard science.


8/12/16 7:51 PM
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I also thought he based the main scientist guy on NDGT.

I quit reading it though when it turned into the space version of House of Cards....just lost all interest.

8/23/16 11:32 AM
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Anathem is a good read