OtherGround Forums Recommend some good indy graphic novels please.

5/23/13 10:05 PM
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I feel like I've read a lot of the mainstream story arcs and I've been hoping to expand my reading, so if any of you can recommend me some hidden books I would really appreciate it.
8/8/13 4:22 PM
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"The Sword" by the Luna Brothers is my favorite.
9/12/13 3:11 AM
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I have always enjoyed Greg Rucka's Whiteout and Queen & Country series.
1/14/14 11:15 AM
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Pride of Baghdad

I Kill Giants

The Nightly News

Kabuki: Circle of Blood

7/28/14 12:22 AM
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Not a graphic novel, but you can pick up the trade paperbacks of Terry Moore's Rachel Rising series.

3/3/15 11:38 AM
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Preacher by Garth Ennis

Anything by Will Eisner (His stuff is pretty old but it's always interesting to me) ***Haven't read any of his stories about The Spirit***
8/2/15 9:32 AM
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Supergod by Warren Ellis. Only five issues, and it starts with the end of the world, and a british scientist narrating to a friend over the phone how millitary superhero programs fucked the world.