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10/25/11 2:47 PM
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 loved the comics growing up. just started reading novels by REH . figured id start at the begining but he didnt write in any real order, his first story has conan as a king,  apparently his writing style with Conan was as though he was recording the chronicles of an adventurer telling tales in no particular order. still some pretty cool stories and quotes though.

Barbarism is the natural state of mankind... Civilization is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always triumph.
10/25/11 5:18 PM
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Man, i had every book and read all of them several times growing up, it was love at first sight!
12/11/11 8:27 AM
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 howard's stuff is great. have a few of his short story collections, which range from everything from barbarians, to classic americana pulpy stuff. he was pretty racist!! but those were different times i guess..im sure he didnt mean anything by it
4/4/12 7:40 PM
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He was a great writer. I think it's an eternal shame that he never wrote an actual novel itself, when his short stories were so good. You could also try his Soloman Kane stories as well.
4/11/12 8:44 AM
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I just started as well. I became a fan instantly.
Just finished The Frost Giant's Daughter.
5/26/12 3:44 PM
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I love Howard's Conan stories. They are simple but oh so vibrantly written.
5/21/13 3:09 PM
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The movie Conans are barely the palest shadow of what Howard's Conan was.

After reading Howard you will find it impossible not to think that Arnold as Conan was a sick joke.
7/7/13 4:28 PM
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HULC - He was a great writer. I think it's an eternal shame that he never wrote an actual novel itself, when his short stories were so good. You could also try his Soloman Kane stories as well.

Good recommend on Solomon Kane, very under appreciated character.Howard did right a Conan nover, Hour of the Dragon, one of his best. Why Hollyweird doesn't just film that is beyond me.
7/7/13 4:31 PM
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BadRed - The movie Conans are barely the palest shadow of what Howard's Conan was.

After reading Howard you will find it impossible not to think that Arnold as Conan was a sick joke.

You're right of course and it's a shame as Arnold was born to play Conan,script and characters were weak and a too bodybulderesque Arnold were problems. The Dying Gaul scene (you killed my muddah you killed my faddah) was just too much.
7/24/13 8:13 AM
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Figured i would give the Conan books a shot after I read this thread. Very happy I did. So far, pretty awesome
10/9/13 3:19 PM
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I'm reading Red Nails right now, which is a Novella in length. I have Hour of the Dragon next, then the full collection of Solomon Kane. Really enjoyable reading.

It is awesome that all these can be had by anyone for free via project gutenberg and others.

12/19/13 1:27 PM
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I loved his Conan books as a kid and just re-read all of them last year. He had the prose to go with the action.

One of the stories starts with him swimming in the middle of the ocean and getting on a pirate ship. The ship's tough tries to test him and Conan punches him once, breaking his neck and killing him. That is bad ass.
12/19/13 1:37 PM
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Conan vs Baal-pteor(the strangler of Yota Pong)

This man was naked except for a loin cloth and high-strapped sandals. He was brown-skinned, with close-cropped black hair and restless black eyes that set off a broad, arrogant face. In girth and breadth he was enormous, with huge limbs on which the great muscles swelled and rippled at each slightest movement. His hands were the largest Conan had ever seen. The assurance of gigantic physical strength colored his every action and inflection.

"Why not enter, barbarian?" he called mockingly, with an exaggerated gesture of invitation.
Conan's eyes began to smolder ominously, but he trod warily into the chamber, his sword ready.
"Who the devil are you?" he growled.

"I am Baal-pteor," the man answered. "Once, long ago and in another land, I had another name. But this is a good name, and why Totrasmek gave it to me, any temple wench can tell you."
"So you're his dog!" grunted Conan. "Well, curse your brown hide, Baal-pteor, where's the wench you jerked through the wall?"

"My master entertains her!" laughed Baal-pteor. "Listen!"

From beyond a door opposite the one by which Conan had entered there sounded a woman's scream, faint and muffled in the distance.

"Blast your soul!" Conan took a stride toward the door, then wheeled with his skin tingling, Baal-pteor was laughing at him, and that laugh was edged with menace that made the hackles rise on Conan's neck and sent a red wave of murder-lust driving across his vision.

... He gripped the hilt with both hands, when a voice at his shoulder brought him about, to face the brown man, who had at last risen from the divan.

Slightly taller than Conan and much heavier, Baal-pteor loomed before him, a daunting image of muscular development. His mighty arms were unnaturally long, and his great hands opened and closed, twitching convulsively. Conan released the hilt of his imprisoned sword and fell silent, watching his enemy thorugh slitted lids.

"Your head, Cimmerian!" taunted Baal-pteor. "I shall take it with my bare hands, twisting it from your shoulders as the head of a fowl is twisted! Thus the sons of Kosala offer sacrifice to Yajur. Barbarian, you look upon a strangler of Yota-pong. I was chosen by the priests of Yajur in my infancy, and throughout childhood, boyhood, and youth I was trained in the art of slaying with the naked hands--for only thus are the sacrifices enacted. Yajur loves blood, and we waste not a drop from the victim's veins. When I was a child they gave me infants to throttle; when I was a boy I strangled young girls; as a youth, women, old men, and young boys. Not until I reached my full manhood was I given a strong man to slay on the altar of Yota-pong.

"For years I offered the sacrifices to Yajur. Hundreds of necks have snapped between these fingers--" he worked them before the Cimmerian's angry eyes. "Why I fled from Yota-pong to become Totrasmek's servant is no concern of yours. In a moment you will be beyond curiosity. The priests of Kosala, the stranglers of Yajur, are strong beyond the belief of men. And I was stronger than any. With my hands, barbarian, I shall break your neck!"

And like the stroke of twin cobras, the great hands closed on Conan's throat. The Cimmerian made no attempt to dodge or fend them away, but his own hands darted to the Kosalan's bull-neck. Baal-pteor's black eyes widened as he felt the thick cords of muscles that protected the barbarian's throat. With a snarl he exerted his inhuman strength, and knots and lumps and ropes of thews rose along his massive arms. And then a choking gasp burst from him as Conan's fingers locked on his throat. For an instant they stood there like statues, their faces masks of effort, veins beginning to stand out purply on their temples.

Conan's thin lips drew back from his teeth in a grinning snarl. Baal-pteor's eyes were distended and in them grew an awful surprise and the glimmer of fear. Both men stood motionless as images, except for the expanding of their muscles on rigid arms and braced legs, but strength beyond common conception was warring there--strength that might have uprooted trees and crushed the skulls of bullocks.

The wind whistled suddenly from between Baal-pteor's parted teeth. His face was growing purple. Fear flooded his eyes. His thews seemed ready to burst from his arms and shoulders, yet the muscles of the Cimmerian's thick neck did not give; they felt like masses of woven iron cords under his desperate fingers. But his own flesh was giving way under the iron fingers of the Cimmerian which ground deeper and deeper into the yielding throat muscles, crushing them in upon jugular and windpipe.

The statuesque immobility of the group gave way to sudden, frenzied motion, as the Kosalan began to wrench and heave, seeking to throw himself backward. He let go of Conan's throat and grasped his wrists, trying to tear away those inexorable fingers.

With a sudden lunge Conan bore him backward until the small of his back crashed against the table. And still farther over its edge Conan bent him, back and back, until his spine was ready to snap.
Conan's low laugh was merciless as the ring of steel.

"You fool!" he all but whispered. "I think you never saw a man from the West before. Did you deem yourself strong, because you were able to twist the heads off civilized folk, poor weaklings with muscles like rotten string? Hell! Break the neck of a wild Cimmerian bull before you call yourself strong. I did that, before I was a full-grown man--like this!"

And with a savage wrench he twisted Baal-pteor's head around until the ghastly face leered over the left shoulder, and the vertebrae snapped like a rotten branch.

Conan hurled the flopping corpse to the floor, turned to the sword again, and gripped the hilt with both hands, bracing his feet against the floor. Blood trickled down his broad breast from the wounds Baal-pteor's finger nails had torn in the skin of his neck. His black hair was damp, sweat ran down his face, and his chest heaved. For all his vocal scorn of Baal-pteor's strength, he had almost met his match in the inhuman Kosalan. But without pausing to catch his breath, he exerted all his strength in a mighty wrench that tore the sword from the magnet where it clung.
12/19/13 7:31 PM
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awesome stuff. None of the movies did it justice. Not even Arnold's first one. They didn't capture how powerful a character he was.
12/20/13 1:56 AM
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Telamon - awesome stuff. None of the movies did it justice. Not even Arnold's first one. They didn't capture how powerful a character he was.
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