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11/12/13 11:42 AM
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So, every other Christmas I gave my son a book with him as the hero.  He's 10 now, and for the first time, I'm writing a full length chapter book about him.  I need two ideas from you guys quick:

1.)  Another name for someone with Telekinetic powers, like a Kinekt or something similar.

2.)  A name for a person made entirely out of Rock.  Like a rock human.  I was thinking Quarry, but that sounds kind of lame.

12/13/13 7:36 PM
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1. A Bard - A Mover - A Shaker - Freak

2. Slate
1/29/14 7:14 PM
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Rock human. Named Quarry.

Somehow it reminds me of Nate "The Rock" Quarry... :D

Well, sorry for not having any suggestions myself. Only name I could come up with for a rock human is roider, for some reason, and thats not good at all
5/21/14 5:46 PM
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Stalagmite for the rock dude.