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7/20/12 10:07 PM
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just finished reading this book

the movie is one of my favorite b movies out there, but this book was ten times more interesting and after reading it i felt like the movie completely fucked this book, especial the social and political ideas.

7/27/12 6:54 PM
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My thoughts are that you are completely correct. Fantastic book, can't decide whether Starship or Stranger is my favorite Heinlein book. The movie is fun, but definitely fucked the book. Would have loved to see a faithful adaptation.
7/27/12 9:15 PM
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this was my first book by the author please give me your recommendations on what others you enjoy by him

basic plot of Stranger also please?
7/30/12 1:21 PM
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Stranger in a Strange Land is about a guy raised by Martians and now brought back to earth. Its a peace and love (hippie style), explore what it means to be human type of book.

If you're just getting into classic sci-fi, you might also like More than Human by Sturgeon, and The Stars my Destination by Bester.

Armor by Steakly is a more recent book that is often compared to Starship because of the titular armor, but is a good read on its own.
9/1/12 12:27 AM
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I love the movie too, but I still suspect it was secretly intended as a joke; it's like a caricature of a Bruce Campbell movie. I've seen it close to 10 times, lol.

The book is great, deeply thoughtful and philosophical. Heinlein obviously had some deep reservations about modern society, and his criticisms are well thought-out and interesting.

It's also just an awesome book, very very interesting to read. Ender's Game and Starship troopers are by far my two favorite sci-fi books, and i found both of them to be deeply fascinating.

The concepts of the battle room and the Mobile infantry struture/armor/training are very original, and both authors are excellent about really exploring the implications.

The philosphies are the best part, though, i found both books to be a little challenging to my world view and spur a lot of introspection and thought.

I would recommend both to anyone without hesitation, though starship troopers is written at a little higher level (if that makes sense).

Regardless of the skill of the author or their ideas, you can write in a very accesible fashion (like the way Harry Potter is written), or you can right in a very convoluted fashion (like HP lovecraft), even taking in to account the literary conventions of the time. Startship troopers is more lovecraft-ian, and Ender's game is more harry potter-ish PURELY from the density/complexity of the writing and syntax.
12/28/12 10:32 PM
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well definitely check enders game,armor, and stranger out thanks good folks
3/1/13 8:01 AM
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I heard the book was rather pro-fascist. Thoughts?