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12/27/12 10:58 AM
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Happens even in the biggest chains...

"No we don't have it in stock, but I can order it and have it for you in a few days...."

"Yeah, so can I...."


Kind of sad, but if actually want to run out get a physical copy of the book I want today, they often can't deliver on that, so what's the point?

12/31/12 1:48 AM
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we got 2 big books stores in our town. They are about 3 blocks apart (City of 200,000)

Between the two of them, I very rarely have to order anything I want online.
1/4/13 11:37 PM
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^your taste must suck
1/6/13 11:14 AM
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I live in London, and we have many large book stores, and i still have to go online A LOT to find the books i want.
Edited: 1/8/13 10:16 PM
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Kindle. I love my Kindle.

Digital Age.

In a couple of decades, a tablet PC could hold all the written knowledge of the world.
1/9/13 3:42 PM
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The Kindle is so awesome for impulsive book buys....finished the first and want to start the sequel immediately?  Nothing better than that.  Sometimes I actually want the book itself and I want to get it now, but the bookstores tend to disappoint.

4/18/14 1:01 PM
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Haven't gone to a bookstore in 5 years or so.

Online, so much more convenient, Kindle is the best.

I have no desire to ever own a physical book.
7/23/14 2:17 PM
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Used bookstores seem to be doing well.

9/2/14 5:16 PM
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I held onto hardcopy books even a year AFTER someone bought me a Kindle! but then I read an "easy" fiction book and I was hooked. Since then I've probably got 250+ books, all immediately accessible, highlighted, notes, etc. It's the greatest thing ever. If it's not on kindle yet, I check Amazon, if not on Amazon, I ebay to find out of print books. Have you been in a large chain book store lately? They're 50% toystores.

That said, I sincerely miss the small specialty bookstore. ex. Franz Bader in DC focused on books on art, art history, architecture, and photography, as well as exhibition catalogs. and there was no place you could find until the era of the internet with such a deep collection of books on such subjects. And if it wasn;t there the AIA bookstore was just a few blocks away. It was perfect for a young architect in the 90's. They closed the doors in '07.

10/6/14 10:10 PM
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As much as downloading a book is so much easier, there is something about just grabbing a huge cup of coffee and browsing that I really enjoy.
3/18/15 10:50 PM
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I support the local bookstore in my town. Owned by a family. I order 60% of my stuff through them. If the Barnes and Noble doesn't have it, I order through them. It really sucks, one independent bookshop (new books) left in town.