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I'll reserve judgment until Sadyv give us a Gene Wolfe quote to blow our minds. Till then, check out this parody of the interim champ: http://www.villagevoice.com/news/0730,idea,77350,9.html
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That trailer looks great!
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Just finished Blood Meridian and picked up The Road for tomorrow. Im man enough to admit I need a dictionary with me to read his stuff, but its amazing!! My favorite passage from Blood Meridian is The Judge's rant about War. War Is God.
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Just started Blood Meridian. So far so good.
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Blood Meridian was the best book I have ever read as well. I also liked the road.
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Oh shit -- did this guy just go "Judge Holden" on Cormac McCarthy and leave his post-Blood Meridian bibliography bloody and buggered like "The Kid" in the shithouse? http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200107/myers Skip to the "Muscular Prose" section if you want to read his thoughts on Cormac right away, but this article is already an abridgment of a longer work, and I think a lot of you might find the whole thing really interesting.
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Yes, he loves to hear himself type doesn't he. I love the last line " Whatever happens, the old American scorn for pretension is bound to reassert itself someday, and dear God, let it be soon. In the meantime, I'll be reading the kinds of books that Cormac McCarthy doesn't understand." This guys verbal masturbation borders on comical. Talk about pretensious. I'm sure McCarthy is losing sleep over this guys obvious self absorbed evaluation of much better writers than himself opinions. It always kills me to hear critics of art ("critics of art", like we need a person that does not know the meaning of "subjective" to offer us their ill informed opinions on something that is neither good nor bad, neither right or wrong.) offer their self centered opinions based on their personal agendas to others regarding art (ie literature, painting etc). Everyone is entitled to state their likes and dislikes regardig art. Myers prefaces everything he says in his writing style. For instance, his prose in his article mimics that of the writers he is accusing of bad prose. His style is no more intrigueing than the much better writers that he claims to have shortcomings. As a matter of fact I would argue that his writing style itself did more harm to his argument that we should not go to the places that McCormac has created because his prose is somehow "not honest". His credibility ended after the first paragraph where he tried to make the readers believe that his use of prose somehow made him the authority on what he was talking about, all the meantime he disregarded the one thing that no argument or prose could nulify..."subjectivness". He can beat his chest, typwriter, keyboard and head against the wall all he wants but he will never overcome the fact that fans of Blood Meridian and other McCarthy works will never agree that because some nameless soul (see Mayer)has somewhere along the way decided that he has captured the essence of story writing in a bottle and realized that McCarthy is somehow a fraud and has duped anyone that has found joy in his books. Some literature proffesor somewhere must feel a great deal of failure knowing that one of his students has found it necessary to toss asside the one rule of art that can and never will be changed (subjectivity) and take it upon himself to call an accomplished author a fraud and in turn his fans somehow less than himself. My opinion on McCarthy is that I enjoyed his books and will go as far as to say that Blood Meridian was one of the best books I have ever read. I loved his prose, his story and characters. I loved how he portrayed the brutality of the west as it was and didn;t find it necessary to clean it up for the sake of us readers whom Mayer thinks are below himself. Ask any historians about the Apache indians and other waring tribes of the west at the time and they will tell you that they were a very brutal people. Mayers image of Indians were probably formed by watching to many episodes of F-Troop but the reality was of brutality and hardship as McCarthy wrote. So I say f off putz....oh and I would be very carefull Mr. Mayer. Dissing Seuss? Are you kidding me? His prose was perfect. Ask any kid.
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"But I have to disagree that subjectiveness is a defense for anything being good art." That was my point. I don't think there is any good or bad art. Art touches some but not others. What is the measuring stick we should use to say if 3 people like a book and 8 do not? Do we consider it a bad book? And will the same people dissagree on all literary works? Personally, i read a book the way it was meant to be read. I let it take me to wherever it was intended. If I finish a book and felt that it took me somewhere and I got to forget about my life while reading it then I am glad I read it. I don;t read a book and try to discerne what is good prose and what isn;t. If someone has decided to do that then they would be better off being a school teacher and grading essays.
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I couldn't find it either.
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Stop being a bitch and join her book club. I'm no fan of her, but it's worth it for Cormac's views on prayer, the subconscious, writing, semicolons, working and Fedor/Randy. All but the last, actually, but I imagine he'd be a fan of the sport if "innerduced" in the right way.
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Did not suck at all. Watch it and decide for yourself.
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He talked about 9000 things and if you go online you hear him talk about a shiteload more that were not included in the televised interview. The greatest living American author speaks in person for the first time ever. It would be interesting if he was only talking about sneakers. Instead he's talking about everything.
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What's this philosophic aversion to joining her book club. Do you think the master would be this petty
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Try a spam filter or a fake address. I use gmail which handles that nonsense, btw. But the only emails I get from her anyway are wrt her book club.
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Cormac McCarthy's shopping list is worth reading. But the book was great and the upcoming movie looks great too.
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Ya, The Road made me think about my relationship with my boys alot. Great book.
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No Country for Old Men is coming out as a movie by the Coen Brothers with Tommy Lee Jones as the sheriff
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The clips for the movie look great. Also, Viggo Mortensen was cast as the father for the upcoming movie of The Road. Sick pick, I could also see Viggo playing Lee Murray too if they ever make a story about his life.
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Tommy Lee Jones is gold though in the clips I've seen. And it did get great reviews. But then again I'm an obvious nuthugger wrt Cormac, the Cre to his Franklin.
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NCFOM movie was excellent, saw it the other day. Bowlcuts were how we got down in the 80s. Chigurh was great. Reminded me of Robbie from Everybody Loves Raymond.
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cool thread
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I agree.  But, I'm glad Ridley Scott is attached and I think they are in Pre-Production right now.  I just hope they don;t tone down the violence. 
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I've read NCFOM, All the Pretty Horses, and The Crossing. Some of his writing reminded me of Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 100 years of Solitude. I did find annoying McCarthy's lengthy passages in spanish. what the hell were they talking about????
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I've read Blood Meridian, No Country for Old Men, and The Road. I thought they were all awesome. Which of his other novels would you suggest as his best?
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"I did find annoying McCarthy's lengthy passages in spanish. what the hell were they talking about" Depends on the passage, but translations are available online if you google hard enough.