OtherGround Forums What books are similar to Mass Effect?

10/27/13 7:20 AM
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In case you do not know Mass Effect is a game series but also had 4 books to go along with the games. I read the books and played the games and loved both. The books though have really given me a interest in reading more similar style scifi books. Does anyone know any books that would be similar to Mass Effect?
11/4/14 4:43 AM
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The Old Man's War series has similar battles.

Starship Troopers is military Sci Fi.

All you need is Kill

A lot of Verner Vinge's stuff is space opera - a Fire upon the Deep

The Altered Carbon Trilogy is pretty good too - check out Broken Angels/Woken Furies for more intergalactic bad-assery.
11/4/14 4:44 AM
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Oh and Forever War