GamerGround Any xmas deals on fight sticks?

12/5/18 11:58 PM
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Currently only play sf5 on the ps4 and pc using a shadaloo madcatz tes. It's taken a beating and want to get a panthera or a tes 2 if its on sale..


Anybody know of any deals or sites? Right now they're going for 175-200 and was hoping for something under 125. Thank you all! 



PS if you want your ass handed to you by a fabulous vega bring it. My ids:

Tubuku01 (ps4) 

Muy_chingon (pc) 

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Amazon has the Qanba Dragon on sale right now for around $175. Make sure to clip the coupon

It's a good stick but really big. Probably not the best if you plan to go to tourneys and stuff
12/6/18 12:14 AM
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the razer store has the original panthera for $169.99

I would avoid the TES2 or any madcatz stick at this point. Their quality really went down towards the end there.
12/6/18 12:20 AM
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Shit I'm stupid thought you wanted to spend 175-200.

I'll keep my eyes open for some deals. Should have posted around black friday cause I know I saw some in your range
12/6/18 6:26 AM
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Hey, BIG thanks man! any help is appreciated!

12/6/18 8:26 AM
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If you don't already have a Newegg account you should make one and sign up for their emails. They always have codes to save money on gaming accessories and fightsticks show up pretty often.

Also CPT is pretty soon so there should some sales happening.

12/6/18 10:49 AM
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Lol like I just said Newegg has the qanba obsidian for $140 with the code emcerpv32

12/12/18 1:45 PM
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I saw that the hori rap n was on sale for $130 at GameStop and amazon

12/12/18 2:18 PM
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Good shit, thanks man I'll look at it  Newegg had the qanba dragon for 175 a couple of days ago but that lasted only a day I think :(

12/12/18 2:59 PM
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I hear the dragon is great but it's a lot of stick. I think the hori has a different layout from most of the other sticks. Not sure if that will bother you or not.

Don't forget CPT is this weekend so there might be some sales going on.

12/19/18 11:29 PM
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You find anything?
12/20/18 2:34 AM
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Really want a razer panthera, may just save extra for it also thinking of driving an hour away as a guy has a tes+ for 50 bucks to hold me over lol already have one but it's beaten up. Also hitting up some local game stops tomorrow for any used ones available. 

12/20/18 8:10 AM
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I might be willing to sell my panthera. It's in good condition. I used it for a couple of months but switched over to the obsidian so it's really just sitting around taking up space. How much would you be willing to spend?

12/21/18 2:00 PM
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Right now 100-125 lol that's why I haven't caught a good deal yet. 

12/21/18 2:24 PM
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Where do you live?

12/21/18 7:00 PM
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I'm in Columbus, GA. Aka hell

12/22/18 7:42 PM
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Sent a friend request on ps4
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Gotcha fren! I was like skevie wonder? Tha fuck? I don't know a skevie wonder

12/23/18 1:18 PM
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You do now lol
12/29/18 8:46 AM
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If you signed up for the newegg codes the TES+ is $90. I think that's the same stick you've been using though.