12/22/18 12:57 AM
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Just lol
12/22/18 9:11 AM
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The finally got streamer servers up
12/23/18 10:02 AM
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12/23/18 10:52 AM
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Atlas is a new pirate MMO by the people that made ARK. Claim is that it's like 1200 times larger than ARK and servers will hold 40,000 people. It was announced pretty much out of nowhere at the Game awards on the 6th. They say you can play early access on the 13th or 14th.

Couple days before launch they says that they aren't ready and push it back a week. Launch day comes and nothing. Push it back somemore. Finally on Friday they say that they are going to launch and sent out codes to streamers made a new trailer even set a time. Time comes still nothing but now they have streamers sitting around on their launch page with like 250,000 people watching. This goes on for a while with no words from the devs. Push it back a couple of hours. Time comes still nothing and it takes the devs almost an hour to say need more time come back in 5 hours.

tldr Game is announced, delayed 4 times and launched in early access in a 2 week period. At one point they had at least 250,000 people watching nothing but their launch screen for like 8 hours on twitch. Also some of the worst communication from devs that I've ever seen.
12/23/18 9:34 PM
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Oh. Ok. 

12/28/18 9:39 AM
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I watched a guy playing it for about 10 minutes on twitch this weekend.  It looked like he was just running around on an island not doing anything.   I kind of looked like Ark with pirates.  I was bored in 5 minutes.  2/10, would not watch again.

12/28/18 10:38 AM
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It is a bigger version of ark with pirates. Same utterly crap game engine.