GamerGround City of hero's/villains PSA

5/3/19 3:43 PM
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Anyone remember this mmo back some years ago?


Quick fyi.


Servers are back up and running if u wanna log on again. Check out the r/cityofheros on reddit

5/3/19 3:51 PM
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The story about this shit is fucking crazy

5/3/19 4:15 PM
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Fucking WHAT? Servers are back up? What brought this game back from the dead? I’m interested. Might go join the fun. 

5/3/19 4:21 PM
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Holy shit. I just read a couple articles about this. It’s fucking crazy. Haha!

5/3/19 4:24 PM
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I wonder how long these rogue servers will stay up. 

5/5/19 11:01 AM
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It's not the actual servers. You can't load out your old characters. Long story short it's a private servers that been held in secret for years and got leaked and someone got pressured to release it so you can log back on and into CoH/CoV for free.

5/7/19 10:22 AM
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Funny how nostalgia works on this. When the game shut down the graphics looked dated. Now they look classic and I don't mind them at all. Stone tank ftw!
5/11/19 6:15 AM
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Im playing on torchbearer server. Anyone else on there?

Edited: 5/17/19 1:10 AM
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I’ve not logged in. How’s it playing?

5/17/19 2:39 PM
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Great, they have a cell shading option that looks just like a comic book. Got my stone/electric tank to 50, feels like old times. If anything I think the community is better, the people that came back all really missed it and just want to have fun.
22 days ago
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This game really interested me when it came out but I swore off mmo’s after WoW and refused to play. Did I miss out?