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2/15/19 8:23 AM
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Picked this up today. Basically uses the same map as far cry 5 but set 17 years later. Enjoying it so far, the saw slinger is pretty cool. Anyone else buy it yet?


2/15/19 10:24 AM
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Yeah I picked it up on PC. It looks nice enough. I'm not sure if I'll like the changes they made yet or not. I really liked Far Cry 5's set up with weapons and perks etc. I suspect they made things grindy to cover up for a shorter game. I hated Far Cry 5's ending, so this game better make it tolerable. 

2/16/19 5:50 PM
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Got killed like 4 times trying to pick up that package on the battleship or whatever fucking driving me crazy

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Yeah I havent started the expeditions yet. You don't need to start them until act 2. when you will need circuit boards to make level 3 weapons. 

It actually took me a while to figure out exactly where I was on the Far Cry 5 map since you start at the Seed Ranch now called "Prosperity" in the southeast corner and and not in the old abandoned town of Prosperity where you did the drug trials for tweak. 


It took mee a bit to realize that the other half of perks are tied to your base (follower improvements, health increases, etc.). I am liking it a lot. The scaricty post apcalyptioc vibe works for the area, because it is still HUGE, even if it is smaller than FC5. You have to unlock fast travel and helicopters don't grow on trees. 


My advice is to get all the beginner weapon challenge rewards before the goons get tougher and more armor.


The way the leveled weapns work is that for every level above or below the weapon is either doubled or halved. Plus higher level weapons do higher base damage. 

So if a Level 1 RPG does 300 damage. 

It will do 300 to Level 1, 150 to level 2, 75 to level 3. But critical hits do double damage. 

Where this becomes an issue is with wild life because the goons are 95% level 1 starting out and the wildlife has static levels. Bears, Cougars, Moose are level 3 and are on the map from the beginning.  With a level 2 sawed off, you blast a bear in the face 3 times point blank and the crit hits balance out the lower weapons damage output. If you hear a Cougar....RUN!! Then will climb anything to mow you down.

2/16/19 10:18 PM
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was considering it but heard it's super short. i'll wait until it's $20.
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tumbleweed - was considering it but heard it's super short. i'll wait until it's $20.


I dont know if I'd call it super short. I think maybe half of the content is required. So I think if you tried doing a speed run, you could get through in 12 hours. If you do everything, it could easily take 3 times that. On top of that, there will almost certainly be a new game plus. 



If you have a PC, you can redeem ubi points for 20% off, for 32. I dont think you'd regret it  at all. 

2/17/19 5:27 AM
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I'm really enjoying it hey,  only nitpick I have is that you can't really mod the weapons at all( I've always been a sucker for putting suppressors on all my guns)

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The Ghost of Eatonbeever - 

I'm really enjoying it hey,  only nitpick I have is that you can't really mod the weapons at all( I've always been a sucker for putting suppressors on all my guns)


I think you can once you max out the weapons station. Given the whole scarcity vibe, it makes sense in the story. 

I miss my silenced M60 from FC5 :(


2/18/19 10:00 AM
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I was incorrect, you can't customize the weapons. You can however increase the damage of every elite weapon you craft in 5% increaments with no cap. 

Mid game, I can say that they did good a job making the repeatable missions not feel as repetitive. They ramp things up in a way that makes it feel meaningful.  I took down an outpost 3 times to see the difficulty progression and the 3rd tier on up is challenging. They have suicide bomber dogs FFS! 

Havent done all the expeditions, but even at tier 1, the wrong loadout or companion, will make you have a bad time. 

If you can get the game for 32 bucks at the ubi store, it is definitely worth it. 

Without the roads, the smaller map is HUGE. I played 100 hours of Far Cry 5 and I have a hard time telling exactly what was at every location. The air drop wingsuit trick is locked away behind story progression and settlement upgrades. 



2/20/19 8:04 AM
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Im a cheap bastard. Waiting for crack.

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I'm 20 hours in and am still enjoying it. I'm a completionist, and only finished 66% of the main story. 

There was a stream of it on yt yesterday, and most people watching it didn't get it. The streamer was having fun. One mission was ruined because it was for Sharky and he STILL loves disco! So when you meet him for his mission, he blasts it again and it's hilarious, the streamer couldn't play it I guess for copywrite reasons. So no muisic. 

The scavenging is a big part of the game because enemies always drop level 1 weapons (up to level 4), so you have to craft the best weapons. Upgrading weapons, your health, your companions health and damage are done through upgrading your base via resources and not perk points. 

The leveling. crafting. and traveling systems are different enough that it isn't the same game. If you liked the characters from FC5, they're better here. They found a way to make boring charcters in FC5 interesting here.

The standard version of the game is the one to get. If you're on PC, use the ubistore points to get it for 32. 

The gunplay is still great and you can customize every option with enemies and their display. The enemies get smarter and a hell of a lot more aware as they level up.  




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2/20/19 7:01 PM
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Loved 5 but near the end it starting getting so hard I never finished it.

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Thebonfirexm - 

Loved 5 but near the end it starting getting so hard I never finished it.


M60 with a silencer and scope, keep picking ammo perks for it. Jess and Cheeseburger no can defend. Jacob's combat course is no joke. 


2/23/19 11:31 AM
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Just 100%ed it. Got my platinum trophy :) if anyone needs help or tips for anything fire away.