UnderGround Forums Finally a sequel to my Matt Hughes book review?

I assume you old timers on here, and UG legends undoubtably remember my Matt Hughes “Made in an American Made Easy” synopsis and book review of Matt Hughes autobiography.

Since I wrote that in 2005 I have been asked repeatedly to do another book review of an MMA biography. . I’ve been asked to do a review of everyone’s, hell, anyone’s book.  Knowing that lightning rarely ever strikes twice, I was never really interested. I never found another biography so blatantly ridiculous and scandalous, that I thought I could do imaie you guys laugh by just reviewing it..

And I still haven’t found is book that I consider worth the time and effort.  But what I did find last weekend waa the most amazingly horrible standup special ever recorded in the history not only of comedy, but of the entire world. 

Brendan Schaub’s “You’d be surprised” is carrying about a 2.5 on a 1-10 rating on IMBD, and about a 26% “liked it” on Rotten Tomatoes which will likely translate into a 0% overall rating. A rare accomplishment in these times. 

So simply because I like to make you assholes laugh so much,  I’m taking a poll. 

I’m willing to put in the hours if you guys want it bad enough. And by “it” I mean “my cock”