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12/25/18 12:47 PM
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The 1st GOW game I regret buying. Its a hybrid role playing game with a bad camera angle. Ive beaten 4 of the six games and wont make it through this one because of the bad combat.
12/27/18 3:10 PM
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I've literally played and beaten every God of War game, even the old 2D mobile one.

Not feeling this one. Every positive about are things that are carried over from the old games, the negatives are every new game play mechanic. Like the only enjoyable aspect of it is that there is still some semblance of the old God of War in there, but most of it has been ruined.

The combat slow, boring, and the story is the same old tired "wah my father doesn't pay enough attention to me" cliche, as if Kratos's son would possibly be such an overemotional punk bitch. The characters behave and speak like modern day Americans instead of bad ass ancient people. Plus, they already did this whole father/child pilgrimage thing with "The Last of Us", and that was already a rip off of "The Road" novel. So who the fuck cares?

Way too many unnecessarily complicated, confusing, convoluted game play mechanics in regards to updating equipment.

I remember an interview with the original director talking about how he deliberately didn't make an "Elder Scrolls" style open world game because it would have detracted from the story he was telling. Well, this game completely ignores that and adds side quests which only slow down and get in the way of the main plot. Note to developers: not every game has to be fucking Skyrim. Some of us just want to enjoy some nice, fast paced action.

Lots of fake reviews going around nowadays with these new games. I have a hard time believing that too many fans of the old God of War games would enjoy this one.

It's also weird that Kratos is even in it. Why not just reboot it with a new Viking type character being that they changed the game into something else anyway?
1/13/19 1:00 AM
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Playing through this finally, waited until I got a high end 4K tv with great HDR.

incredible so far, just met Brock and am on the second troll fight so it’s early days yet.

Edited: 1/16/19 8:24 AM
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I really like it. It isn't the old God of War though. The combat and gear customization is very deep. I hope they keep it for the next game because I know that it is something that is easy enough to become ok at it and takes a long tiome to master it. I started a week ago and just beat Sigrun The Valkyrie Boss. Good times! I'll be getting all the keeper gear upgraded before I do NG+ 


They could definitely improve on enemy variety for the next one.