GamerGround Monster Hunter World?

8/15/18 1:28 PM
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Akron OG -

the controls are awful 

You're so hilarious.  You keep coming back to make stupid comments about a game you claim is trash.  Why bother?  Monster Hunter is a series that is very different from 99% of games out there.  Its not for everyone, and some of the mechanics will either completely turn you off or grab you depending on what you like. 

If you're incapable of understanding how the game has been purposefully designed this way for specific reasons, then there is no point in even conversing.

8/15/18 2:29 PM
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So haven't touched this game in a while, was getting stuff done then just stopped. Well got back into it and got the kirin hr optional. He is the bane of my existence. This is after fighting teostra for the first time and mopping the floor with him. I finally killed kirin on Hr but that's after doing a shit load of other stuff to get gear to even stand a chance.

8/16/18 11:27 AM
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The demo for Generations Ultimate is up on the switch eshop. 

8/16/18 12:07 PM
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cleophus -

The demo for Generations Ultimate is up on the switch eshop. 

:) sweet

12/10/18 10:23 AM
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Just announced an expansion for Autumn 2019. Iceworld is supposed to be as big as a g-rank or ultimate update. PC will launch later again.

So far away

4/28/19 9:41 AM
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Anyone else still playing?

Started back up last week for the spring event going on now.
11/25/19 12:45 PM
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Im picking it back up today

anyone get the dlc?!