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5/17/11 12:31 AM
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 restart steam

and hit play game
5/17/11 12:51 AM
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5/17/11 12:52 AM
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 why arent you on vent? hmmm?
5/17/11 3:00 PM
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 Yeah. We play whatever we feel. Tonight, however, I wont be playing anything, internet is down.. Tethering to my cellphone... I will be on vent, though
5/17/11 3:17 PM
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you guys play Hearts of Iron 3 (with Semper Fi exp)? Be sweet to do a Grand Campaign in that and re-fight World War II. Of course it would take a while, but would could be complete in a month or so, depending on how often we play.
5/17/11 4:45 PM
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yeah. it definitely improves the game. adds nice new features too, to make it less confusing.

i'm having a great campaign right now as Romania. Joined up with the Germans and i took Bulgaria, then when WW2 started I helped the Germans take Poland and also took most of Hungary. Sadly most of my Polish gains were given to the Russians as per the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact :( Now I am just building my eastern defenses to hold back the Soviet tide once Barbarossa starts. I also sent one corp to the western front to help out as the Frenchies are putting up a nice defense.
5/17/11 6:38 PM
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hard to say old bean. in any given game you can see different things. in my Nationalist Spain game Germany overran France in a month. In my current game Germany is stuck at the Maginot Line, while Italy is swarming though southern France. I've seen the US invade Germany through the Netherlands and Russia conquer all of Germany up to France.

My favorite nation to play is Italy. I like to run wild in the Balkans before WW2 even starts.
5/17/11 8:34 PM
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 Man, I love Strategy Games, but Hearts Of Iron is too much for me.
5/17/11 8:41 PM
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Uh oh. All Homies posts are gone. Banned? Phone Post
5/17/11 9:24 PM
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he does troll the OG pretty hard.

farewell sweet prince.
5/18/11 1:05 AM
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5/20/11 10:47 AM
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I play TF2 on stream, not sure if you guys play it?
5/20/11 12:32 PM
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 I have it. I can always play it.
5/22/11 6:36 PM
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 I'm firing up some Torchlight, bitches

6/3/11 3:14 PM
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 I'll be around for the weekend, maybe longer... depends how much it rains. I've been fighting fires for 3 weeks now, pretty much leveled a town of 7,000 people. Breaks my heart to see so many people I know loose everything.

6/3/11 9:04 PM
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Whoever keeps singing Rebecca Black's FRIDAY needs to quit.
6/3/11 11:03 PM
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The Internet's Final Boss - Whoever keeps singing Rebecca Black's FRIDAY needs to quit.

 That guy is an asshole. Every fucking time he logs on!
6/4/11 12:52 AM
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 Fuckin full house tonight
6/4/11 3:17 AM
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starhunk -  3v3 inhouse coh would be sick.. any game inhouse is so much more fun

 Yeah, we need to get everyone on the same page.
7/8/11 6:33 PM
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yo can i use this for my 5 man corp in eve?
7/8/11 6:35 PM
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 Yeap, not a problem.
7/8/11 6:36 PM
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fuuuuckkk yeah. You can come join us serge if you like! :)
7/8/11 6:38 PM
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 We'll see :-p

Im on vent with a few others now. everyone is more than welcome. I ahve a 10person server cap but can always raise it if needed.
7/8/11 6:38 PM
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 Ill make you an admin account and a room or two
7/8/11 6:47 PM
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call the Room
Mad House on Ballard please.