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4/16/19 10:39 AM
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The first real PS5 details are out.
4/16/19 5:42 PM
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I’m in day 1.

4/16/19 6:43 PM
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PS5 but everyone told me that consoles were dead at the start of this generation.
4/16/19 10:28 PM
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Fuck i just got a ps4

4/17/19 5:14 PM
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There's patents for the psvr controllers and headset out there. It's look sick as fuck

4/17/19 8:35 PM
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It will only be as good as its exclusives. 

4/19/19 4:15 PM
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DaveFu -

It will only be as good as its exclusives. 

And ps4 is crushing

Edited: 4/19/19 4:30 PM
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No argument from me there, I finally bought a ps4 (pro) last xmas. I've only owned playstations as my console in the last 18 years.

It's just that hardware wise, the console would be a midlevel PC at the time of release. I am an AMD guy all the way too so I want them to succeed.  I begrudgingly bought an NVidia GPU (GTX 1080Ti) to upgrade my PC a few months ago.