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12/15/18 11:55 AM
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okay, you know what a theatre program is? THIS IS A PROGRAM, to have a worldrelease game engine designed, and game program setup


for, that if you play arcade, you're fighting for EITHER earthrealm or invasion, and so you can only pick, either 6, of 12 characters available in 2 player at the start. You play EARTH arcade, and unlock another hero, but every time you lose 2 rounds, 20 fights arcade, you have to pick another limited to your 6, at start, and you get 5 more fights added to arcade mode..

you unlock a LOT of heroes, and eventually the monsters go away from your own character select, replaced with heroes, so you can de-unlock anyone in the game, at any time, playing for the other side, or fill your screen up with heroes and play as everyone trying to woop?


Have you ever played a REAL mortal kombat game?

12/16/18 11:31 PM
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12/20/18 11:17 PM
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De-Unlocking needs to be a gaming punishment for bad players in the future lol