GamerGround What are you playing right now?

5/30/18 4:50 AM
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Assassin's Creed Origins

FarCry  5


5/30/18 11:44 AM
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Fornite, finally let me son talk me into it 


TESO for a little bit. Played through morrowind adventure, got sumerset isles and morrowind for like 20 together so i have that pre-ordered when it drops next week 

5/30/18 12:00 PM
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Death Road to Canada

5/30/18 3:03 PM
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MLB 18 and Fortnite... never played God Of War but I’m interested... also Detroit:Become Human looks interesting 

6/2/18 6:58 PM
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I just bought hellblade. Looks incredible, no idea what the play style is. Looks like some horror, and some slightly repetitive gameplay. Graphics and story is this one's selling point though, and have to say it looks incredible. Hope gameplay holds up.


I did hear it's short, but I'm fine W that if it's good.


$30 on XBL store.

6/2/18 10:30 PM
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Bless Online. people are shittiing on it, but I'm enjoying it. Not very far though, just a couple hours in.

6/3/18 1:32 AM
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Ive been diving very deep in into Elder Scrolls Online this past week.  Actually devoting time to it unlike the last few times I tried

6/14/18 8:06 AM
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Yakuza 6 currently

6/14/18 1:10 PM
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Gauntlet - Gamecube
Star Soldier - N64
NFS Most Wanted 2005 - Xbox 360
6/15/18 8:08 PM
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Far Cry 5 trying to plat it but missing the coop trophy lol.
6/16/18 5:13 PM
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I just started The Fractured But Whole. Picked it up at Target for $20, and it was one of the bundles that had Stick of Truth with it. 

6/17/18 2:43 AM
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Enter the Gungeon PS4. Got 100%. New update coming soon.

6/17/18 7:58 PM
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been playing Runner3 for Switch. Really enjoying it. Super addictive and quite a bit more difficult than I was expecting it to be.
6/17/18 8:01 PM
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Had to wait for far cry to hit $40 at target. Just got it, like it enough.

6/25/18 4:13 PM
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Finished far cry 5 and far cry 3 retro have gone back to complete the resident evil 7 DLC 

6/25/18 4:22 PM
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I picked up Mario vs Rabbids for the switch last week when it was on sale and started playing it.  Such a well done game.  I've got too many games to play on the switch right now.

6/25/18 7:05 PM
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CS:GO, Hand of Fate 2 and Valkyria Chronicles. They are making VC4 now if I have understood correctly

Also waiting for the Xen update to Black Mesa, apparently its finally close by

6/26/18 10:59 AM
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Diddy Kong Racing via emulation. Loving it.
6/26/18 7:10 PM
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 playing insurgency again here lately. I hear people complaining of the flood of fresh meat since it went on sale for like 2 $. But im not minding the shooting practice, thinking they can run around like COD.

6/27/18 1:12 PM
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Toni Savage -

 playing insurgency again here lately. I hear people complaining of the flood of fresh meat since it went on sale for like 2 $. But im not minding the shooting practice, thinking they can run around like COD.

Always loved the feeling in Insurgency and Day of Infamy (same as Insurgency pretty much but WW2), since its more realistic and you die easily, you get this different immersion that isn't on in many games. You hear the bullets miss your head, hitting the wall behind you, you panic, hit the deck and maybe shoot back, still not knowing where they are shooting at. Its a great feeling in a game, never get that in any of the call of duties, battlefields etc. but then again, I dont really even play those games anymore, haven't liked Call of Duties in a long, long, long time

6/27/18 1:15 PM
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I am BALLS DEEP in Elder Scrolls online.  Getting high and playing it all night while on my 2 week vacation from work.  It's dope as fuck.  Just got to Max Level 50, Champion Level 63.  

6/28/18 9:12 AM
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Will finish far cry 5 within a week or two. Then dedicated to finishing a (short) hellblade.


At same time, want to get more into "the Forrest" on my PC. I liked what little I played, but I think I'm going to read a beginner's guide. I don't really have any aim or strategy for it. I know it can be beat, just not sure what to do really.

7/1/18 12:18 PM
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Dropsy, a game about a scary clown who just wants to hug people and make them happy.

For anyone who likes the old Lucasarts-style adventure games, I highly recommend it.
7/1/18 1:32 PM
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Back at it with fire pro world. Even though I was in the middle of several other games

7/2/18 7:46 AM
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elder scrolls online. 

yakuza 6.