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Everybody's Golf, Spider-Man, on PS4 and Far Cry 5 on PC. 

God of War, RDR 2, and Horizon Zero Dawn are next.

How is Spiderman? I have it but been so wrapped up in RDR2 I haven't even installed it yet. The few gameplay videos I've seen look very promising though. I might try and diven in this weekend if it's worth it. 


I also just downloaded mortal combat XL because it's 5 freaking bucks on PSN. Will prob be awhile before I actually play that one as well. 


It is worthy of the insane hype it has gotten. The combat has a steep initial learning curve, there is a lot of information overload as you begin. You get suit powers, suit upgrades, gadgets, gadget upgrades, and skills as you level up. The limits on which gear you can buy based on main story progression means that you'll get a lot of things slower and more difficultly than you would if you had waited until you couild make use of it. My advice would be only do the "side missions" until ALL the different types of tokens (currency) open up in the main story, unless there is something specific you want. The first suit power you get is probably the most useful throughout the game. So buying suits tends to be cosmeic since you can mix any acquired suit power with any suit. Want Sam Raimi Spider-Man to get the MCU Iron Spider Arms? You got it! You would be better off focusing on the main story missions until you get to the point I played about 4 hours and I was hooked and bought all the DLC. I was was doing the opposite of my advice and I did every type of side mission everywhere as soon as it opened up. The highest praise I can give is that doing the most boring missions paper as spider-man makes them a blast. Even the Peter Parker and side character missions are fun. The story is GREAT! This would have been too big to make a movie out of.



The only other knock, and it is ever so slight, is that in an effort to NOT make the chracters look exactly like copies of other media portrayals, they made them look kind of bleh. Peter Parker looks like James Franco's ugly brother and Mary Jane looks like Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter. Aunt May looks like Blanche from the Golden Girls (incredibly fuckable!). 


PS: Thanks for reminding me about MK XL!