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Is this common?



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I'm not going to watch the whole video but if you are asking if gaming media is shit then the answer if yes. If fact pretty much everything to do with gaming is shit now including people that make the videos like the one you posted.
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Games media sites like Kotaku and Polygon are staffed by a clique of snivelling hipsters who use the outlets as a platform for their far left activism.
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Battlefield V was an epic disaster.

Dice wanted to show what woke male allies they are by adding women as combat soldiers to a game set in WW2...where there were literally no woman combat soldiers (except for the Soviets). Then one of the senior executives doubled down by calling his customers 'uneducated' and sneering that if they didn't like it, they shouldn't buy the game.

Guess what happened? People didn't buy the game and it massively underperformed compared to it's predecessor to the point where it was on discount a month after release.

Dice refused to admit they were wrong and doubled down AGAIN by patting themselves on the back at the end of year company function:

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Lol at ''Genderfield 5''