GeekGround Aquaman cartoon to HBO Max

1/16/20 10:47 AM
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WarnerMedia has announced plans for a three-part Aquaman animated limited series for the upcoming HBO Max streaming service. First reported by Variety, the series will be executive produced by James Wan, who co-wrote/directed/produced the 2018 hit live-action Aquaman film and has a 'first look' deal with WarnerMedia.
"King of Atlantis will begin with Aquaman's first day on the job as king of Atlantis," reads Variety's description of the series. "Luckily, he has his two royal advisors to back him up – Vulko, the scholar, and Mera, the water controlling warrior-princess. Between dealing with unscrupulous surface dwellers, elder evils from beyond time and his own half-brother who wants to overthrow him, Aquaman is going to have to rise to the challenge and prove to his subjects, and to himself, that he's the right man for the trident."
It hasn't been specified if Jason Momoa or any other castmembers from the Aquaman live-action film would reprse their roles here.
"This DC property is a fan-favorite rich with well-known characters and dynamic storylines," said HBO Max's Head of Original Content Sarah Aubrey. "On the heels of Warner Bros. Pictures' box office smash hit, we are certain 'Aquaman: King of Atlantis' will be an exciting addition to our already robust slate of kids and family programming."
The three-part series with be overseen by showrunners Victor Courtright and Marley Halpern-Graser, working with Warner Bros. Animation.
No release date for Aquaman: King of Atlantis was reported, however a sequel to Aquaman is due out December 16, 2022.
1/16/20 11:27 AM
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The DC property is a fan favorite... does Aquaman really move that many books?

1/16/20 12:28 PM
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BigWilliam - The DC property is a fan favorite... does Aquaman really move that many books?

Historically, Batman is DC's big seller.  Superman, Aquaman, WW or GL might be in the top 10 for them because some "superstar" creative team are on the book, but aside from whatever event DC is running at the time, the top 10 is Batman.

1/16/20 2:31 PM
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Yeah I have to say Aquaman does not leap out to me as a top tier DC seller on a regular basis.

29 days ago
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This sounds terrible.  Captain Planet for the modern age.

26 days ago
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Nobody cares about Aquaman.


When I was little I REALLY wanted some underoos! I wouldn't shut up for the entire December up to Xmas.

I guess I should have specified Batman, but should have been obvious dammit!


So excited to open a present and YES!!!!! Underoos!!!!!!



Aquaman underoos.


Way to ruin my entire childhood grandma