8/13/19 9:48 AM
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So Aquaman is on HBO, and I finally saw it.

WB/DC continues the trend of movies I am glad I didn't pay to see. The worst MCU film is far better than this. amber heard is terrible to begin with, just awful. Jason Momoa is limited. and the material is just bad.

On the bright side, Patrick Wilson is always good as is Temuera Morrison as the dad. On par with WW probably, but neither was good.

8/13/19 10:27 AM
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Fair review. Which reminds me....

Dear Scriptwriters/Directors/Filmmakers, 

Stop having the hero win by "unbeatable move that they learned in the past" the second time they face the villain. That's nonsense. Any hero with two brain cells to rub together would have used that magical technique the first time they fought the villain and the audience would be spared the last act of the film.


8/13/19 10:43 AM
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YES the fork spin of DOOM! And how is it the bad guy did not also know that move if he was trained his entire life to be an underwater warrior? Every step of the way this movie was painfully predictable. The problem as I see it is that WB is still trying to make 'comic book' movies. Marvel makes movies with comic characters in them. The first step is make a GOOD movie.

8/14/19 6:10 PM
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8/15/19 10:04 AM
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Funny I watched a chunk of Justice League and all of Aquaman on HBO this week then last night I watched End Game on ppv.

The MCU and DCU are not even in the same league, it's not even close. If really just hit me how far apart they are in overall quality and story telling.

8/16/19 2:41 PM
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Jason Mamoa has been the drizzling shits in everything including GOT