GeekGround BJB Breakdown: Marvel’s Educated Brawler Daredevil

4/9/20 6:46 PM
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Five years ago, Daredevil was repackaged, retooled, and reintroduced to popular culture in the live-action medium when Marvel Television decided to use the character in its first foray into the streaming space, via its partnership with Netflix. Unlike the previous incarnation released in cinemas in 2003, this version of Daredevil not only resonated with fans, but was critically acclaimed and financially successful. Most importantly, it (much like Arrow did for CW) spawned a shared universe for the smaller screen, one where a number of well-known (and not so well-known) characters were successfully adapted for the masses.

For three seasons, Marvel and Netflix told the story of Matthew Murdock, as he battled crime in the courtrooms as well as the rooftops, back alleys, and docks of the city. He faced crooked businessmen, gun runners, drug dealers, assassins, enforcers, ninjas, antiheroes, and corrupt law enforcement, using his wits, grit, mental toughness, and fighting skills, and he battled them successfully on all fronts. Murdock wasn’t a billionaire tech genius, a master spy trained by the government, or a kung fu master; he was a blind kid, the son of a boxer who learned about the harsh realities of life early, and burdened himself with the responsibility of doing what it took to battle those who would wrong others, working inside and outside of the law. No natural genius, no powers, no serum, no government programming -- he did all this armed with his will and his skill.

In honor of this series, the impact it had on pop culture, and the ripples it created through the various other live-action shows it spawned, I am doing a breakdown of the fighting technique, strategies, and habits of Marvel’s own educated brawler, Matthew Murdock, AKA Daredevil.

4/10/20 9:57 AM
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Fantastic blog post! Can't wait for part two!

Also, it's good to be reminded of how wonderful Daredevil was. 

4/11/20 10:25 AM
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Good stuff!