GeekGround Black Widow - May 2020 (trailer)

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I have high hopes for this movie especially after the trailer. Here's to hoping!
10 days ago
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Not interested. She’s hot and a good actress and all, but I probably won’t see this in theaters. 

10 days ago
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LOL did anyone want this movie? Let's make a cartoon version of Red Sparrow without any of the realism and half the talent!
10 days ago
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She's got a .380 and can kick! No one else can do that! Put her in with the literal god and other super powered beings!
9 days ago
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Definitely looking forward to it. I was hoping they would make it more of a spy thriller, tell the story of how Hawkeye brought her in from the cold since they hinted at that in the Avengers. But I still want to see this.