GeekGround Critics refuse to review New Mutants film

8/26/20 2:09 PM
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Film Publications Refuse to Review ‘New Mutants’ Until Disney Offers Safe Screening Options

8/26/20 2:11 PM
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Even though some theaters are open, critics are claiming there is no safe way to see a film in a theater. review

8/26/20 4:02 PM
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Wouldn't see it anyways. I hate the entire direction they appear to have taken with it.
8/27/20 10:15 PM
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It's been on the shelf for years and insane reshootd.

Going to be a dumpster fire 

8/28/20 12:11 AM
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It is entirely the wrong concept. New Mutants as a body horror film? Someone never read the comics.
8/29/20 2:46 AM
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Im going to end up watching it regardless. Magik + arya as wolfsbane, yes please. Will post a review then. Prob this weekend. 


Hope it makes money. I hate the idea of the mcu becoming stagnant.